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Voices from the Mackenzies

Author : Paul Deuling
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Re-live the experiences of the people who traveled to the distant and untouched Mackenzie Mountains of Canada’s Northwest Territories. This raw, beautiful land was opened to outfitting in 1965, when intrepid entrepreneurs carried out exploratory hunts by horse and backpack to determine whether the Mackenzies were worth an outfitting investment. Five men initially set out to build their businesses in this remote country, making a living through a lot of hard work and a little bit of luck. Guides, cooks and wranglers contributed to their success in the hunt for Dall sheep, grizzly bears, mountain caribou, mountain goats and moose. Their stories are filled with tales of animal encounters, tragedy and humour. Today, eight outfitters operate in the Mackenzie Mountains as the area remains as remote and beautiful as when the original five outfitters trekked into the area in the 1960’s. I hope you enjoy reading Voices From the Mackenzies as much as I enjoyed writing about the folks who made their living in this beautiful country.

The Boy s Changing Voice

Author : Terry J. Barham
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For the middle school/junior high choral teacher. This text takes out much of the guesswork of teaching boys whose voices are changing. Includes testing methods, extensive warm-up and voice development exercises, self-image concepts, an extensive list of appropriate choral works, and other welcome information.

Thinking Outside the Voice Box

Author : Bridget Sweet
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The changing adolescent voice counts among the most awkward of topics voice teachers and choir directors face. Adolescent voice students already find themselves at a volatile developmental time in their lives, and the stresses and possible embarrassments of unpredictable vocal capabilities make participation in voice-based music an especially fraught event. In this practical teaching guide, author Bridget Sweet encourages a holistic approach to female and male adolescent voice change. Sweet's approach takes full consideration of the body, brain, and auditory system; vocal anatomy and physiology in general, as well as during male and female voice change; and the impact of hormones on the adolescent voice, especially for female singers. Beyond the physical, it also addresses the emotional and psychological components: ideas of resolve and perseverance that are essential to adolescent navigation of voice change; and exploration of portrayals and stereotypes in pop culture that influence how people anticipate voice change experiences for teens and 'tweens, from The Brady Bunch to The Wonder Years to The Simpsons. As a whole, Teaching Outside the Voice Box encourages music educators to more effectively and compassionately assist students through this developmental experience.

Active Voices

Author : Sharon McKenzie Stevens
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Explores the relationship between social movements and rhetorical theory and practice.

Castes of Mind

Author : Nicholas B. Dirks
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This volume traces the caste system from the medieval kingdoms of southern India through early colonial archives to the 20th century. It surveys the rise of caste politics and how caste-based movements have threatened nationalist consensus.

Still Voices Still Heard

Author : James S.S. Armour
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This sesquicentennial project of Presbyterian College tells the stories of thirteen individuals, chosen from among its graduates, faculty and benefactors, whose still voices represent in unique ways the history and influence of the college over the past 150 years. Each chapter presents a biography, a sermon, address, letter or report, followed by a commentary showing how this still voice spoke to the issues of the time and why it still should be heard. The themes remind us of the college's continuing mission to provide the Church with strong and visionary leaders. The book concludes with useful lists of Presbyterian College's students, scholars, supporters and societies down through the years.

The Witching Voice

Author : Arnold Johnston
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January 25, 2009, marks the 250th anniversary of the birth of Robert Burns, one of the most beloved poets in all of English literature. Arnold Johnston's The Witching Voice brings to life the crucial years from 1784 to 1788, when Burns rose from poverty and obscurity as an Ayrshire farmer to nationwide acclaim and lionization by the aristocracy of Edinburgh, Scotland's capital and a bastion of the European Enlightenment. Written in the same Scots-English that Burns made so familiar to the world, The Witching Voice is based on extensive research. It pulls no punches, offering a clear picture of the gifts, demons, and shortcomings of this poet who continues to charm us.

Growing Up A Story of the Girlhood of Judith Mackenzie

Author : Jennie M. Drinkwater
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Growing Up : A Story of the Girlhood of Judith Mackenzie “I was not sure whether it were to write a book, or to teach, or to go as a foreign missionary; I think I hoped it would be the foreign missionary, because that was the most self-sacrificing. The book was all one great joy. The teaching was absorbing, but I must go away to study. I was afraid to go away, I did not like to go away from Bensalem, I would miss my mother away from Bensalem, and you, and all the parsonage, and the whole village. But I thought I was called; as called as Roger was to preach, or any woman, saint, or heroine, who had done a great thing. You cannot think what it was to me. It made me old. I wanted God to speak out of Heaven and tell me what to do. It began to lose its selfishness, after that. The first thing that began to shake my confidence was something Mrs. Lane said that afternoon she talked to Jean and me about what women were doing and could do. She did not make woman’s work attractive; she took the heart out of me. I did not know why she should do that. I knew better all the time. I knew what women had done and were doing. I knew she was doing a noble work, literary work, work in prisons, temperance work; the instances she gave me seemed trivial, as if she were laughing at me. But something opened my eyes; I felt that I might be disobedient to my heavenly vision, that I was looking up into the heavens for my call, and the voice might be all the time in my ear. That was the night I came back here and found you so cozy and satisfied under your own roof-tree, with the voice in your ear, and the work in your hand. The world went away from me. I stayed. I am glad I stayed. My only trouble is, and it is a real trouble, that God did not care for my purpose, or my prayers; that he has let them go as if they never entered into his mind; I thought they were in his heart as well as mine.”

Voices and Books in the English Renaissance

Author : Jennifer Richards
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Voices and Books in the English Renaissance offers a new history of reading that focuses on the oral reader and the voice- or performance-aware silent reader, rather than the historical reader, who is invariably male, silent, and alone. It recovers the vocality of education for boys and girls in Renaissance England, and the importance of training in pronuntiatio (delivery) for oral-aural literary culture. It offers the first attempt to recover the voice—and tones of voice especially—from textual sources. It explores what happens when we bring voice to text, how vocal tone realizes or changes textual meaning, and how the literary writers of the past tried to represent their own and others' voices, as well as manage and exploit their readers' voices. The volume offers fresh readings of key Tudor authors who anticipated oral readers including Anne Askew, William Baldwin, and Thomas Nashe. It rethinks what a printed book can be by searching the printed page for vocal cues and exploring the neglected role of the voice in the printing process. Renaissance printed books have often been misheard and a preoccupation with their materiality has led to a focus on them as objects. However, Renaissance printed books are alive with possible voices, but we will not understand this while we focus on the silent reader.

International Perspectives on Voice Disorders

Author : Edwin Yiu
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This book provides a state-of-the-art account of voice research and issues in clinical voice practice. The contributors are all voice experts and bring a range of international perspectives to the volume.