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The Batterer as Parent

Author : Lundy Bancroft
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Moving beyond the narrow clinical perspective sometimes applied to viewing the emotional and developmental risks to battered children, this book, offers a view that takes into account the complex ways in which a batterer's abusive and controlling behaviors are woven into the fabric of daily life. This book is a guide for therapists, child protective workers, family and juvenile court personnel, and other human service providers in addressing the complex impact that batterers -- specifically, male batterers of a domestic partner when there are children in the household -- have on family functioning.

The Batterer

Author : Donald G. Dutton
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A study based on interviews with abusive men identifies the triggers to abusive behavior and explains what can be done about it

Program Completion Behavioral Change and Re arrest for the Batterer Intervention System of Cook County Illinois

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Batterer Intervention

Author : Kerry Murphy Healey
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Batterer Intervention Standards for the State of Michigan

Author : Michigan. Governor's Task Force on Batterer Intervention Standards
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The Impact of Domestic Violence on Your Legal Practice

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Batterer Intervention Programs

Author : California. Bureau of State Audits
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Handbook of Couple and Family Forensics

Author : Florence W. Kaslow
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Many families turn to mental health professionals for advice and counseling on how to cope with the stresses of legal crises. The first and only book of its kind, this handbook provides mental health professionals with comprehensive coverage of the interface between the legal and family systems. Organized by developmental stages, the book covers a wide range of topics including pre-nuptial agreements, divorce, child custody, adoption, spousal abuse; gay, bisexual, and lesbian issues; family business succession, and euthanasia.

Social Casework

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Substance Abuse Treatment and Domestic Violence

Author : Patricia Anne Fazzone
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clients). Child abuse and neglect, elder abuse, women's abuse of men, and domestic violence within same-sex relationships are important issues that are not addressed in depth in this document, largely because each requires separate comprehensive review. Other patterns of domestic violence outside the scope of this TIP are abused women who in turn abuse their children or react violently to their partners' continued attacks and adult or teenage children who abuse their parents. Researchers have found that one fourth to one half of men who commit acts of domestic violence also have substance abuse problems (Gondolf, 1995; Leonard and Jacob, 1987; Kantor and Straus, 1987; Coleman and Straus, 1983; Hamilton and Collins, 1981; Pernanen, 1976) and that a sizable percentage of convicted batterers were raised by parents who abused drugs or alcohol (Bureau of Justice Statistics, 1994). Studies also show that women who abuse alcohol and other drugs are more likely to be victims of domestic violence (Miller et al., 1989). The primary purpose of this document is to provide the substance abuse treatment field with an overview of domestic violence so that providers can understand the particular needs and behaviors of batterers and survivors as defined above and tailor treatment plans accordingly. This requires an understanding not only of clients' issues but also of when it is necessary to seek help from domestic violence experts. The TIP also may prove useful to domestic violence support workers whose clients suffer from substance-related problems. As the TIP makes clear, each field can benefit enormously from the expertise of the other, and cooperation and sharing of knowledge will pave the way for the more coordinated system of care discussed in Chapter 6. Future publications will examine those aspects of the problem that concern such special populations as adolescent