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Surrogacy in Russia

Author : Christina Weis
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Surrogacy in Russia focuses on commercial surrogacy workers in Russia and other countries of the former Soviet Union. Examining workers' reproductive migrations, the study presents insights into cross-border reproductive treatment and travels for assisted reproduction, and links to ethnicity, feminism, women’s and gender studies.

Handbook of Gestational Surrogacy

Author : E. Scott Sills
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There is an increasing demand for gestational surrogacy in current reproductive medicine practice. Infertile couples often engage overseas surrogates, which increases the risk for legal and ethical complications. This book provides clinical guidance on the provision of gestational surrogacy on a worldwide basis, with brief summaries of the legal position within countries where it is offered. This volume provides a comprehensive overview of surrogacy for clinicians, counsellors, attorneys, legislators and anyone interested in reproductive health policy by filling an immediate niche as a resource for those interested in third-party reproductive treatments.

International Surrogacy Arrangements

Author : Katarina Trimmings
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This book addresses the pressing challenges presented by the proliferation of international surrogacy arrangements. The book is divided into three parts. Part 1 contains National Reports on domestic approaches to surrogacy from Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, China, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece, Guatemala, Hungary, India, Ireland, Israel, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Russia, South Africa, Spain, Ukraine, United Kingdom, United States and Venezuela. The reports are written by domestic specialists, each demonstrating the difficult and urgent problems arising in many States as a result of international surrogacy arrangements. These National Reports not only provide the backdrop to the authors' proposed model regulation appearing in Part 3, but serve as a key resource for scrutinising the most worrying incompatibilities in national laws on surrogacy. Part 2 of the book contains two contributions that provide international perspectives on cross-border surrogacy such as the 'human rights' perspective. Part 3 contains a General Report, which consists of an analysis of the National Reports appearing in Part 1, together with a proposed model of regulation of international surrogacy arrangements at the international level written by the two co-editors, Paul Beaumont and Katarina Trimmings. The research undertaken by Katarina Trimmings and Paul Beaumont from 2010 to 2012 was funded by the Nuffield Foundation.

Fundamental legal problems of surrogate motherhood Global perspective

Author : Piotr Mostowik
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The observation that mater semper certa est remains accurate under most legal systems in the world. Maternity is defined as the personal status (filiation) of a woman who gave birth to a child. It is typically complemented by the fatherhood of the man from whom the child biologically originates (often quem nuptiae demonstrant). However, in some states, a kind of competitive way of acquiring the legal status of mother and father (or “homosexual parents A and B”) has been introduced via concluding a contract with a surrogate mother. Usually with a woman coming from poorer societies and with the assistance of professional intermediaries and organizers. The postulates to change substantive family law, or at least to recognize the effects of foreign law and procedures (a kind of “procreative tourism”), appear nowadays also in states generally prohibiting surrogate motherhood. The issues discussed in this volume concern both national law and international court cases. Recent examples include the opinion of the European Court of Human Rights of 10 April 2019 initiated by the French Cour de cassation, the judgement of the German Bundesgerichtshofof 20 March 2019, and dilemmas of Polish administrative courts. Focusing on the international perspective, the present volume as well as an accompanying book in Polish are the results of the international cooperation of over 30 experts from both member states and observer states of the Council of Europe. The monograph is structured “from the general to the detail” and includes a comprehensive view as well: from the issues of philosophy and sociology of law, to human rights standards of national constitutions and international agreements, to principles of ordre public of forum and their protection with measures of private, public, and penal law. This allows readers, including legislators and judges, the better understanding of the fundamental legal problems that surrogate motherhood brings, both in states where law creates them in a narrower or wider extent, and in other countries of the world, to which these problems can be imported with the movement of people and with de lege lata and de lege ferenda postulates.

Intimate Strangers

Author : Veronika Siegl
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Zooming in on commercial surrogacy in Russia and Ukraine, Intimate Strangers addresses market expansion into the intimate spheres of life that play out on women's bodies as mothers and workers. Veronika Siegl follows the inner workings of a surrogacy market marked by secrecy, distrust, and anonymous business relationships. She explores intended mothers' anxious struggles for a child in light of stigmatized infertility and the aggressive biopolitics of motherhood; the uncertain but pragmatic pathways in and out of fertility clinics as surrogates navigate harsh economic realities and resist being objectified or morally judged; and the powerful role of agents and doctors who have found a profitable niche in nurturing and facilitating other people's existential hopes. Intimate Strangers discusses these issues against the backdrop of ultra-conservatism and moral governance in Russia, the rising international popularity of the Ukrainian surrogacy market, and the pervasiveness of neo-liberal ideologies and individualized notions of reproductive freedom.

Surrogacy in Russia

Author : Christina Weis
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Surrogacy in Russia focuses on commercial surrogacy workers in Russia and other countries of the former Soviet Union. Examining workers' reproductive migrations, the study presents insights into cross-border reproductive treatment and travels for assisted reproduction, and links to ethnicity, feminism, women’s and gender studies.

Choosing Well

Author : Rachel Haliburton
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Offering a compendium of case studies in bioethics, Choosing Well demonstrates real ethical dilemmas that can occur in health care settings. Instructors can draw upon the scenarios in this concise and highly effective resource to encourage analysis, critique, discussion, and debate of hot-button ethical issues. The authors present a diverse selection of complex case studies in bioethics to stimulate in-depth analysis on topics ranging from distributive justice, research ethics, reproductive technologies, abortion, and death and dying, to the health care professional–patient relationship and ethics in the workplace. The text also features case studies that move through time to reflect real-life decision making and cases that present multiple perspectives to illustrate the challenges that can arise from disputes in health care settings. Utilizing the DECIDED strategy for analyzing case studies, instructors can guide students through the steps needed to work through a wide variety of ethical dilemmas and encourage reflection on their own ethical assumptions. Accessible, practical, and highly engaging, Choosing Well offers a helpful and interesting way to explore central issues in contemporary bioethics, making it an indispensable resource for instructors and students of bioethics, biomedical ethics, and health care ethics. FEATURES: - Includes a brief introduction to ethics, the role of case studies, and some of the most important bioethical principles, as well as a glossary of key terms - Features Canadian-focused content and themes reflecting the challenges of modern health care settings - Provides a framework for case study analysis, along with sample analyses of three full case studies using the DECIDED approach

Laws and Policies on Surrogacy

Author : Harleen Kaur
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This book is an essential guide on surrogacy, discussing various legal issues that arise in surrogacy cases. It provides a comprehensive coverage to various issues pertaining to surrogacy arrangements due to failure to meet the needs of those involved in surrogacy, be it the intended parents or the surrogate mother, with special emphasis on the most vulnerable party -- the surrogate child. In the wake of this existing imbalance, the call to reform the practice of surrogacy has also increased. The book provides a comprehensive coverage to various laws and policy regulations in existence dealing with surrogacy, and unravels the latest trends and developments happening around the world as surrogacy gains importance. The international perspectives highlight policies and practices being adopted and followed by various nations with regard to surrogacy regulation and associated parenthood rules. This book also analyses some of the significant cross-border disputes revolving around surrogacy, and explores briefly the jurisprudence of the European Court of Human Rights on matters of parentage and citizenship for children born of trans-national surrogacy with special reference to the prospects of a convention on international surrogacy currently being studied by The Hague Conference on Private International Law. Further, it highlights the issues and questions relating to surrogacy arrangements that are so far unresolved and unanswered and suggests measures for improvements to the existing proposed surrogacy legislation in India and need for uniform international regulation. The book is a great resource for legal practitioners, academics, students, policy-makers, infertility clinics, and charitable organizations working on this issue.

Contract Children

Author : Daniela Danna
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Surrogate motherhood is expanding all over the world. Debates rage over how public policy should consider the signing away of the parental rights of birth mothers in favor of a 'commissioning' couple or an individual. In this book, Daniela Danna describes the situation in English-speaking countries and worldwide, from California to Greece, presenting the legal alternatives regulating (or not) these peculiar exchanges. Should surrogacy remain a private agreement? Should it be treated as an enforceable contract? Are surrogate mothers workers? What happens inside the countries that have chosen different ways of handling this new and controversial matter? And, the most important question of all: How can we live in this era of new techno-medical possibilities and try to stay human? Can we resist commodification in the field of human relations concerning procreation? Contract Children discusses the different ways available to obtain a child through surrogate motherhood. It is fundamental reading for anyone wanting to be involved in the surrogacy process. It gives prospective surrogate mothers and infertile couples the background information necessary for their own informed decision. It is also an essential instrument for policy makers and activists in the field of women's rights, social justice, and children's rights. The question of how to publicly deal with surrogate motherhood touches upon our social vision of motherhood, ultimately marking the position of women in contemporary society.

Babies for Sale

Author : Miranda Davies
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Transnational surrogacy – the creation of babies across borders – has become big business. Globalization, reproductive technologies, new family formations and rising infertility are combining to produce a 'quiet revolution' in social and medical ethics and the nature of parenthood. Whereas much of the current scholarship has focused on the US and India, this groundbreaking anthology offers a far wider perspective. Featuring contributions from over thirty activists and scholars from a range of countries and disciplines, this collection offers the first genuinely international study of transnational surrogacy. Its innovative bottom-up approach, rooted in feminist perspectives, gives due prominence to the voices of those most affected by the global surrogacy chain, namely the surrogate mothers, donors, prospective parents and the children themselves. Through case studies ranging from Israel to Mexico, the book outlines the forces that are driving the growth of transnational surrogacy, as well as its implications for feminism, human rights, motherhood and masculinity.