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Practitioner Teacher Inquiry and Research

Author : Carolyn A. Babione
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Teacher inquiry helps improve educational outcomes Practitioner Teacher Inquiry and Research explores the concept and importance of the teacher practitioner, and prepares students in teacher education courses and programs to conduct research in the classroom. Author Carolyn Babione has extensive experience in undergraduate- and graduate-level teacher training and teacher inquiry coursework. In the book, Babione guides students through the background, theory, and strategy required to successfully conduct classroom research. The first part of the book tackles the "how-to" and "why" of teacher inquiry, while the second part provides students with real-life practitioner inquiry research projects across a range of school settings, content areas, and teaching strategies. The book's discussion includes topics such as: Underlying cultural and historical perspectives surrounding the teaching profession Hidden stereotypes that limit teacher beliefs about power and voice Current curriculum innovation and reflections on modern developments Practitioner Teacher Inquiry and Research successfully guides and encourages budding teachers to fully understand the importance of their involvement in studying and researching their classroom settings, giving a better understanding of how their beliefs and teaching practices impact classroom learning.

The Wiley Handbook of Social Studies Research

Author : Meghan McGlinn Manfra
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The Wiley Handbook of Social Studies Research is a wide-ranging resource on the current state of social studies education. This timely work not only reflects on the many recent developments in the field, but also explores emerging trends. This is the first major reference work on social studies education and research in a decade An in-depth look at the current state of social studies education and emerging trends Three sections cover: foundations of social studies research, theoretical and methodological frameworks guiding social studies research, and current trends and research related to teaching and learning social studies A state-of-the-art guide for both graduate students and established researchers Guided by an advisory board of well-respected scholars in social studies education research

Teaching Research Methods in the Social Sciences

Author : Claire Wagner
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How can excellence in the teaching of research methods be encouraged and ensured? This question has become increasingly important following the adoption of research methodology as a core part of many postgraduate and undergraduate courses. There has, however, been little discussion about the aims and methods of teaching the subject. In this volume; a number of authors from a variety of countries and disciplines employ their knowledge and experience towards the development of a 'pedagogical culture' in research methods. Their aim is to establish the extent of common concerns and challenges and to demonstrate ways in which these are being met. Intended to provide both a stimulus and source materials for the development of a more substantial and systematic literature in the field, the book will be of great interest to all those teaching research methods courses within social science disciplines.

Self Study Teacher Research

Author : Anastasia P. Samaras
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Self-Study Teacher Research guides pre-service and in-service teachers in conducting and assessing classroom-based self-study research. Teacher education students are guided in developing a more consciously driven mode of professional activity as they pose questions and formulate personal theories to improve professional practice with the validation of colleagues.

Teachers and Academic Partners in Urban Schools

Author : Lori Beckett
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'Showing how critical thinking and local democracy can be a spur to very real educational development within schools that are facing severe challenges, this book provides us with one very valuable contemporary resource of hope.' Ian Menter, Professor of Teacher Education, University of Oxford, UK Teachers and Academic Partners in Urban Schools identifies and addresses a major problem for practitioners – teachers, student teachers and teacher educators – working in urban schools burdened by highly restrictive teaching methods and pressures to meet unrealistic benchmarks set by government. In this book, Lori Beckett investigates how to negotiate these tensions and challenges and offers an account of how to elevate practitioners’ professional voice on quality teaching along more democratic lines. The book addresses key issues for teachers in urban schools, such as: fractures in teachers’ professional communities; impacts of imposed marketizing policies and forced performative practices on schools; the complexities of teaching and teachers’ concerns about practice, as well as teaching practitioners’ perception of educational/schools policy. Both academic and teacher partners contribute to the work, showcasing the ways they have engaged with each other in joint work and with local government. Through this, the book supports a professional and politicized dialogue about teaching and teacher education, offering a meaningful account of how to fashion a form of educative schooling for students and families with complex needs. Written by a dynamic and experienced author, this book brings Beckett’s experience to bear on a controversial and complex area – addressing the general trend towards increased regulatory policy in education. It is an essential read for anyone interested in a rich analysis of how practitioners can work to reassert their professional voice and regain control of schools and teacher education, and will also appeal to those interested in the larger project of restoring school democracy.

Action Research in Education

Author : Vivienne Baumfield
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This exciting new edition of a popular text is an important resource for any education professional interested in investigating learning and teaching. Building on the success of Action Research in the Classroom, the authors have revised, updated and extended this book to include examples from further and higher education.

Advancing Social Studies Education through Self Study Methodology

Author : Alicia R. Crowe
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Advancing Social Studies Education through Self-Study Methodology provides a collection of works that highlights ways in which self-study of teaching and teacher education practices can advance conversations and knowledge in social studies education. Some of the pieces chosen for this book will provide theoretical connections between the two fields (e.g. how values and principles important to both fields work together, are similar, and can help each field expand). Others will provide specific examples of self-studies that focus on social studies specific concepts. The book provides a strong and clear introduction of self-study to the field of social studies education as well as an argument for its use to further understand social studies teaching and teacher education. It also provides the self-study community with an example of how self-study can be used to look at content specific aspects of teaching and teacher education.

Soft Systems Methodology in Education

Author : Jenny Gilbert
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This book explores the application of Soft Systems Methodology in educational research as a qualitative research tool to generate theory, and identifies the mechanisms that engender the behaviours and discourse of social groups. Grounded within the literature from philosophy and science, the approach is predicated on the ontology and epistemology of critical realism. The authors consider the tenets of systems thinking, recognizing that emergent features appear at higher levels of complexity within a hierarchy and that unintended consequences can occur when making decisions in complex situations with interacting components. The central element of the book is the formulation of a research strategy entitled ‘Worldview, Metaphor and Power of Social Objects’ (Womposo) and its application to a research study of the practicum experience of teachers in training. Integral to the methodology is the creation of rich pictures and diagrams. Additionally, images representing different stakeholders’ views of the whole system are presented in revealing illustrations, allowing the reader to grasp each holistic metaphor. It is suitable for postgraduate students and researchers in education and other social science programmes

Handbook of Research on Science Education

Author : Norman G. Lederman
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Building on the foundation set in Volume I—a landmark synthesis of research in the field—Volume II is a comprehensive, state-of-the-art new volume highlighting new and emerging research perspectives. The contributors, all experts in their research areas, represent the international and gender diversity in the science education research community. The volume is organized around six themes: theory and methods of science education research; science learning; culture, gender, and society and science learning; science teaching; curriculum and assessment in science; science teacher education. Each chapter presents an integrative review of the research on the topic it addresses—pulling together the existing research, working to understand the historical trends and patterns in that body of scholarship, describing how the issue is conceptualized within the literature, how methods and theories have shaped the outcomes of the research, and where the strengths, weaknesses, and gaps are in the literature. Providing guidance to science education faculty and graduate students and leading to new insights and directions for future research, the Handbook of Research on Science Education, Volume II is an essential resource for the entire science education community.

Early Childhood Teacher Research

Author : Kathryn Castle
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In this fully revised and updated second edition, Early Childhood Teacher Research addresses the questions and concerns that pre- and in-service teachers of young children frequently have when engaging in teacher research. Accessible and interactive, this book explores the important issues every early childhood teacher should know, guiding readers from conceptualization, generating research questions, identifying data sources, gathering and analyzing data, interpreting and sharing results, to taking action. This second edition features thoroughly updated references, standards, and resources, as well as all-new sections on teacher advocacy, social media and devices, data collection, and planned versus unplanned research. Each chapter features: Teacher Researcher Notebook prompts for the reader to record ideas for research questions and to develop a plan for doing research. “From the Field” vignettes providing rich examples of real-world early childhood teacher researchers and their perspectives on doing teacher research. Reflection prompts inviting readers to pause and think deeply about relating content to their own situations. Reflections can be recorded in the Teacher Researcher Notebook. Explorations of additional content, websites, resources, interviews, and activities.