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Origins of Psychometry

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A Tenth of a Second

Author : Jimena Canales
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In the late fifteenth century, clocks acquired minute hands. A century later, second hands appeared. But it wasn’t until the 1850s that instruments could recognize a tenth of a second, and, once they did, the impact on modern science and society was profound. Revealing the history behind this infinitesimal interval, A Tenth of a Second sheds new light on modernity and illuminates the work of important thinkers of the last two centuries. Tracing debates about the nature of time, causality, and free will, as well as the introduction of modern technologies—telegraphy, photography, cinematography—Jimena Canales locates the reverberations of this “perceptual moment” throughout culture. Once scientists associated the tenth of a second with the speed of thought, they developed reaction time experiments with lasting implications for experimental psychology, physiology, and optics. Astronomers and physicists struggled to control the profound consequences of results that were a tenth of a second off. And references to the interval were part of a general inquiry into time, consciousness, and sensory experience that involved rethinking the contributions of Descartes and Kant. Considering its impact on much longer time periods and featuring appearances by Henri Bergson, Walter Benjamin, and Albert Einstein, among others, A Tenth of a Second is ultimately an important contribution to history and a novel perspective on modernity.

Origins of Psychometry

Author : Johan Jacob de Jaager
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From Obscurity to Clarity in Psychometric Testing

Author : Peter Saville
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The field of psychometrics has a long and varied tradition across the social sciences. A range of academics have sought to understand human consciousness more fully by statistical testing our abilities, personalities, attitudes and beliefs. But perhaps the area where psychometric techniques have had most impact on contemporary society is in employee recruitment, where a range of psychometric tests have become common-place. Professor Peter Saville is one of the pioneers of adapting psychometric testing to the field of occupational psychology and human resource management. In a career of nearly 40 years, his work has been adopted by hundreds of public and private organizations, assessing the suitability of prospective candidates through a range of questionnaires and tests. In this anthology of his work, including both keynote conference address and journal papers, Saville provides a masterly overview of the field of psychometrics, and the key issues and questions that it raises. An ideal companion for any student or researcher of HRM, occupational or organizational psychology, or applied psychology in general, Peter Saville’s selected works represent the thinking of one of the most influential psychologists of our time.

A History of Intelligence and intellectual Disability

Author : C. F. Goodey
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Autism, Down syndrome, and other such labels assume that intellectual disability is a permanent aspect of human nature. C.F. Goodey demonstrates that intellectual disability and even intelligence are instead historically contingent creations, which are rooted in early modern cultural and religious matrices and corresponding forms of social organisation, and which have subsequently undergone continuous change. This paradigm-shifting book is also an urgent and compassionate appeal for us to consider, through the prism of history, how the apparent certainties of modern biology, medicine and psychology came to question the ethical status of some of us.

Manual of Psychometry

Author : Joseph Rodes Buchanan
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"This volume has been somewhat hastily prepared, to fulfil the promise recently made to the public of a Manual of Psychometry--a work to introduce the subject to the general reader--not an elaborate memoir for scientists, which need not be offered until it is called for. As this volume contains the reports of many psychometric experiments with Mrs. B., I would state in advance that all such experiments which I report are as pure and true an illustration of Psychometry as possible--an accurate report of mental impressions as they arose, recorded as they were spoken deliberately. The mind of the psychometer in my experiments is always carefully guarded from all impressions but those which come from an invisible source by contact, without knowing what is the object or person to be described, which must be carefully concealed to insure the purity of the result. Questions are never of a leading character, being only used to direct attention to the matters that need description. The reports are as careful and faithful as I could possibly make them, but most of them are imperfect illustrations of her psychometric intuition, given often when fatigued by her daily duties"--Preface. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2010 APA, all rights reserved).

Using Psychometrics

Author : Robert Edenborough
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The ground-breaking book that set out to dispel the misapprehension surrounding the use of psychometric testing in staff selection and development is now available in a revised edition. Still the only book describing the process fully, it now includes a new chapter on its application in educational and psychological testing, beyond the usual realms of human resource management. With growing numbers of organizations using psychometric testing today, it is essential reading for every HR professional and academic interested in keeping up to date with selection methods.


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The area of Psychometrics, a field encompassing the statistical methods used in Psychological and educational testing, has become a very important and active area of research, evident from the large body of literature that has been developed in the form of books, volumes and research papers. Mainstream statisticians also have found profound interest in the field because of its unique nature. This book presents a state of the art exposition of theoretical, methodological and applied issues in Psychometrics. This book represents a thorough cross section of internationally renowned thinkers who are inventing methods for dealing with recent challenging psychometric problems. Key Features/ - Emphasis on the most recent developments in the field - Plenty of real, often complicated, data examples to demonstrate the applications of the statistical techniques - Information on available software Authors from the leading testing companies Emphasis on the most recent developments in the field Plenty of real, often complicated, data examples to demonstrate the applications of the statistical techniques Information on available software

Origins of Psychometry

Author : Johan Jacob de Jaager
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Facsimile of the original Dutch text.

Looking Down on Human Intelligence

Author : Ian J. Deary
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Why are some people more mentally able than others ? In an authoritative, critical and intergrated series of review essays Professor Ian Deary inquires after the cognitive and biological foundations of human mental ability differences. Many accounts of intelligence have examined the structure and number of human mental ability differences and whether they can predict sucess in education,work and social life. Few books have taken psychometric intelligence differences as a starting point and brought together the reductionistic attempts to explain them.New to the highly acclaimed Oxford Psychology Series, Looking Down on Human Intelligence appraises the search for the origins of psychometric intelligence differences in terms of brain function parameters. The book provides an original and thought provoking guide to ancient and modern research on one of the most compelling questions in human psychology.