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Reconstructing Mental Health Law and Policy

Author : Nicola Glover-Thomas
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A critical, in-depth analysis of the development of contemporary mental health law in its social and political contexts.

Mental Health Law

Author : Brenda Hale
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"The law is stated as at July 31, 1990, but reference is made to forthcoming changes under the Children Act 1989 and the National Health Service and Community Care Act 1990"--P. v.

Principles of Mental Health Law and Policy

Author : Lawrence Gostin
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This major new work provides a comprehensive account of the law concerning mental health in England and Wales. Written and edited by a leading group of national and international authorities this book presents a detailed examination of the Mental Health Act 1983 and the changes introduced by the new Mental Health Act 2007

Mental Health Law 2E A Practical Guide

Author : Basant Puri
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Completely updated to reflect current changes in the law and in practice, Mental Health Law: A Practical Guide is a concise and approachable handbook to mental health law for students and professionals working in psychiatric settings. Easy-to-read, practical, and illustrated with case examples and a wealth of practical advice to guide you through many complex legal issues Multidisciplinary approach written by specialist authors and key opinion leaders who understand the practical issues you face Fully updated and expanded to include the Mental Health Act 2007 and the Mental Capacity Act 2005 so that you are totally up to date Provides clear guidance, practical pointers, and all you need to know about mental health law implementation This authoritative guide will serve as a comprehensive introduction and long-term resource manual for trainee and qualified psychiatrists as well as nurses, social workers, psychologists, and occupational therapists working in mental health.


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Advanced Introduction to Mental Health Law

Author : Michael L. Perlin
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Written by esteemed legal scholar Michael L. Perlin, this indispensable Advanced Introduction examines the long-standing but ever-dynamic relationship between law and mental health. The author discusses and contextualises how the law, primarily in the United States but also in other countries, treats mental health, intellectual disabilities, and mental incapacity, giving examples of how issues such as the rights of patients, the death penalty and the insanity defense permeate constitutional, civil, and criminal matters, and indeed the general practice of law.

New Law and Ethics in Mental Health Advance Directives

Author : Penelope Weller
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The recognition of positive rights and the growing impact of human rights principles has recently orchestrated a number of reforms in mental health law, bringing increasing entitlement to an array of health services. In this book, Penelope Weller considers the relationship between human rights and mental health law, and the changing attitudes which have led to the recognition of a right to demand treatment internationally. Weller discusses the ability of those with mental health problems to use advance directives to make a choice about what treatment they receive in the future, should they still be unable to decide for themselves. Focusing on new perspectives offered by the Conventions on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD), Weller explores mental health law from a variety of international perspectives including: Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom, where policies differ depending on whether you are in England and Wales, or Scotland. These case studies indicate how human rights perspectives are shifting mental health law from a constricted focus upon treatment refusal, towards a recognition of positive rights. The book covers topics including: refusing treatment new approaches in human rights international perspectives in mental health law the right to demand treatment. The text will appeal to legal and mental health professionals as well as academics studying mental health law, and policy makers.

Law Values And Practice In Mental Health Nursing A Handbook

Author : Williamson, Toby
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This accessible and affordable book will show mental health nurses how to apply the law in practice and how it affects them and their service users.

Laws and Regulations

Author : California
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Selected citations from the California Constitution, Business and Professions code, Family code, Government code, Health and Safety code, Insurance code, Penal code, Probate code, Welfare and Institutions code, and selected citations from the California code of regulations, Title 2: Administration, Title 5: Education, Title 9: Rehabilitative and Developmental Services, Title 16: Professional and Vocational Regulations, and Title 22: Social Security.

Mental Health Law in Nursing

Author : Richard Murphy
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Mental health nursing students need to understand their legal duties towards all clients, including specific laws for care of detained patients. Yet these laws can be comples, confusing, and difficult to relate to the reality of nursing care. This book is a clear guide to the Mental Health Act and Code of Practice which explains the specific duties, responsibilities and powers of mental health nurses and the care of detained patients in particular. It explains the most frequently encountered parts of the Act and Code and clarifies common misunderstandings. It outlines dilemmas faced by nurses which may arise from possible conflicting responsibilities. It also gives an introduction to other major legal considerations that mental health nursing students need. Key features: Specific guide to the law for mental health nursing students, written by experienced practitioners involved in MHA regulation in England Case studies and examples help the reader relate the law to their clinical practice Multiple choice questions and acticvities help students to develop confidence and become critical and independent learners Linked to relevant NMC Standards and ESCs for degree-level education.