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Listen to the Cries of Your Heart

Author : Anne K Uemura
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Early childhood wounding leads to adult pain and takes away internal joy and happiness. Using unique strategies to access buried child-hearts, this personal development program improves on current inner-child techniques to awaken your child-like spirit and access self-love.

Path To Awakening

Author : Rosario Surace
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Finding Your Voice

Author : Mannette Morgan
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"An excellent book which can help not only survivors of abuse, but all women who are feeling like victims." – Library Journal Finding Your Voice is a personal, comprehensive guide for survivors of abuse making the journey toward healing. Led by an author who has walked the path for more than three decades, readers will find encouragement and hope as they move step-by-step to a place of recovery. Part memoir, part blueprint for recovery, Finding Your Voice uses a mix of personal anecdotes, accumulated knowledge, expert techniques and good, common sense to help readers navigate a new path in the aftermath of abuse. With clear instructions and insightful examples, the author leads readers through the five stages of healing— while teaching them how to improve and strengthen their relationships - built upon the foundation of years of self-help work, therapy, and reflection, and the author’s own transformative approach to healing. • Recognize abuse • Embrace the Big 3- Self acceptance, love and self-respect • Understand how your behaviors are the key to lasting change • Learn how to manifest your true desire • Discover the joy you deserve by applying the “Happy Booster.” The healing journey takes time and patience. The mix of empathy, practicality and encouragement running throughout Finding Your Voice provides the ideal guide for that journey. A workbook is available as a companion to Finding Your Voice.

The Shaman Within

Author : Barbara Meiklejohn-Free
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The Shaman Within explains how our ancient wisdoms can now be employed to tackle the big issues that trouble our minds, ravage our bodies and quash our spirits. Through a very personal journey; the travels, experiences, rituals, highs and lows of the protagonist, an amazing tapestry of insights and answers is woven before our very eyes. And the threads of this tapestry consist of the incredible healing and empowerment that our long-forgotten ‘rites of passage’ afford us. The lessons within enable us to feel more complete, at one with ourselves, our environment and the universe that created us. This book speaks to all who seek true fulfilment and imparts the tools to achieve it.

Forgive Me Sister

Author : Patrick Hamilton Walsh
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“If it’s time for women to rule the world again, why are you telling this to me, a twenty-eight-year-old man?” Richard asked. Stopping in her tracks and spinning around, she looked Richard dead in the eye as she said, “Because of that. Because you are a twenty-eight-year-old man.” The soft look had dropped from her face as she scolded Richard. Forgive Me, Sister is the story of Richard, a guy who feels trapped in an increasingly masculine world where the mind takes precedence over the heart and where femininity is highly suppressed. While seeking to fill the gaping hole residing in his spiritual core, he is confronted by the task of empowering the feminine in order to protect our Mother Earth from the systematic destruction of her land, air, and seas. In a journey that throws up sexual inequality, through an ayahuasca retreat and a surprise reconnection with a lost love, Richard rediscovers his purpose and finds a timely helping hand to aid him on his path. The story of the insights Richard obtains along the way provides us, as only a few stories have done, with a compelling reminder of the essential wisdom of confronting our challenges, being open to the synchronistic petals strewn along life’s path, and above all, following our heart’s desire.

Choose and Choose Again

Author : J. Kevin Butcher
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In Choose and Choose Again, the reader will encounter story after story of different people, most of whom are from Hope Community Church of Detroit, where Pastor Butcher has been sharing the healing love of God for thirteen years. They represent men and women, African American, Caucasian, Latino, and Asian, urban and suburban, professional types and prostitutes, clergy and addicts, drunks and lawyers and convicts—wounded human beings who have found themselves empty, dying, and longing to be filled. The stories are not only about their own healing and restoration but also about how the love of God heals. Butcher hopes that readers will find before them a path of healing that they feel compelled to embrace. He begins with his own story of emptiness and despair, and his journey to healing, but the ultimate power of his message is that this healing journey is for anyone who is willing to own his or her emptiness and hold one’s heart out to God, who is desperately longing to love each person all the way home.

The Essential Doreen Virtue Collection

Author : Doreen Virtue
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International best-selling author Doreen Virtue is a doctor of psychology and lifelong clairvoyant who has written extensively about angels, psychic development, and mind-body-spirit topics. Now three of her most popular books are collected in this single volume: • In Angel Therapy, Doreen delivers the angelic realm’s messages of comfort and guidance that can help you with troubling emotions such as depression, boredom, confusion, and anger; and issues associated with careers, relationships, parenting, and much more. Allow the angels’ words to heal your thoughts and beliefs, transforming them into empowering and loving viewpoints. • In Healing with the Angels, Doreen teaches esoteric and practical methods that can help you work more closely with your angels. You’ll read transcripts of Doreen’s angel-reading sessions and learn what the angels have to say about life after death, the future of our planet, and finding your Divine purpose. Also included is an exploration of the fascinating world of elementals and nature angels, as well as powerful angel affirmations and prayers for healing and manifesting. • Archangels & Ascended Masters is a thoroughly researched book in a lively encyclopedia format, listing 77 divinities from Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Asian, Babylonian, Tibetan, Buddhist, Celtic, Theosophical, New Age, Catholic, Cabalistic, Jewish, and Christian roots. Doreen carefully studied and wrote about the history of each of the deities, what role they serve today, how they can help us with specific life problems, and how to call upon each one. The Essential Doreen Virtue Collection is the perfect read for anyone who is looking to learn more about the angels and spirituality, as well as for those who want to finally have their favorite Doreen books together in one handy volume!

Angel Therapy

Author : Doreen Virtue
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Dr. Doreen Virtue's life changed dramatically when angels miraculously warned her and then intervened during a carjacking. After her angelic encounter, Doreen began asking the angels for additional guidance. They answered her requests with very clear and loving words. She writes of how the angelic guidance affected her work as a psychotherapist: "I began helping my counselling clients to hear their own angels. Very quickly, I discovered that the healing power of the angels exceeds any form of 'man-made' therapy I had ever witnessed. The angels have wonderful gifts from God to impart to us." In Angel Therapy, Doreen delivers The Angelic Realm's messages of comfort and guidance that can help you with troubling emotions such as depression, boredom, confusion, and anger; and issues associated with careers, relationships, parenting, and much more.

Prosperity through Living Active Faith

Author : Dr. Shirli Regev
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Prosperity through Living Active Faith is an eye-opener, a brainstorming, and heart calling book to every soul-seeking personal who seeks, wishes to know, and explores life challenges, empowerment, self-growth, and transformation to reach prosperity through practically living faith and implementing the private supervision of God in our lives. This book is intended for you to give you a direction, a new point of view, tools, and a road map that will be useful for your own private life. Have you ever arrived at a point in your life when you have done everything possible offered by the human mind, yet you never seem to find the peace in your heart, the balance in your life, and the love you want to experience all around you? Life seems to be a mystery you have tried to solve so many times, yet this puzzle never seems to be solved. The cry of your soul is yelling louder and louder. Some days, the hope seems to have vanished, and you cry so hard for Him to listen. This book is intended for you, the reader, to actively engage with, experience, feel, and become excited by the stories and experiences we will share about life, love, hope, prosperity, faith, and God. The stories we share in this book are intended for you to connect with, feel and find your own dialogue in your own private life with God. This book is being written from both an emotional and a believing state of mind, meaning that we have chosen life experiences that tell you about success, faith and actively engaging in faith, but, from an emotional standpoint, the feeling of the heart was involved in these experiences. The truth can be viewed in many ways once you observe it from your mind, especially if you try to rationalize everything. But there is nothing to compare to the truth the heart feels because the heart knows in a simple and clear way what the truth is. We hope these experiences touch your heart, influence and inspire, empower and strengthen you to hold onto hope, trust, and belief and to actively believe in God as a Father, a friend who is actively interested and engaged in your life, for your own success and prosperity. Join us for a once in a lifetime journey.

Woman to Woman the Journey to Me

Author : Catherine Graham
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Woman to Woman, The Journey To Me, is an inspirational novel, for women of all ages. Catherine speaks of wisdom, as she reflects on her own life, and how she was able to overcome the odds, through teen pregnancy, abuse, divorce and much more. Readers are claiming that this beloved novel is helping them to overcome their own shadows in the closet as they delve into their own hearts. A must read for every woman!