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Jobs to Be Done

Author : Stephen Wunker
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In a challenging economy filled with multiple competitors, no one can afford to stagnate. Yet, innovation is notoriously difficult. How do you pinpoint the winning ideas that customers will love? Sifting through purchasing data for clues about what might sell or haphazardly brainstorming ideas are typical strategies. However, innovation expert Stephen Wunker offers the effective Jobs method: determining the drivers of customer behavior--those functional and emotional goals that people want to achieve. This simple shift in perspective opens up new insights about your customers and a wealth of hidden opportunities. For example, social media newcomer Snapchat used the Jobs process to capture the millennial demographic. By reducing functionality, the company satisfied its users' unmet need to document real life in the moment, without filters and "like" buttons. Packed with similar examples from every industry, this complete innovation guide explains both foundational concepts and a detailed action plan developed by Wunker and his team. In Jobs to Be Done, the groundbreaking Jobs Roadmap takes you step-by-step through the innovation process and reveals how to: Gather valuable customer insights Turn those insights into new product ideas Test and iterate until you find original profitable solutions And much more! Jobs to Be Done gives you a clear-cut framework for thinking about your business, outlines a roadmap for discovering new markets, new products and services, and helps you generate creative opportunities to innovate your way to success.

SUMMARY The Jobs To Be Done Handbook Practical Techniques For Improving Your Application Of Jobs To Be Done By Chris Spiek And Bob Moesta

Author : Shortcut Edition
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* Our summary is short, simple and pragmatic. It allows you to have the essential ideas of a big book in less than 30 minutes. By reading this summary, you will discover how to conduct an exploratory interview with your consumers, within the framework of the Jobs-To-Be-Done method. You will also discover : how to choose the people to interview; what questions to ask them; how to help them talk and reconstruct their memories of your product; how to take notes effectively. After creating a product or service, you may want to know why consumers bought it and how they actually use it. The best solution is to ask them directly, through an interview. The Jobs-To-Be-Done method is ideal for this, because the practice of interviewing is an integral part of it. This consists of focusing on the consumer's needs and motivations in order to provide a product that will fully satisfy them. Are you ready to find out why your consumers buy your product? *Buy now the summary of this book for the modest price of a cup of coffee!

The Innovator s Guide to Growth

Author : Scott D. Anthony
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More than a decade ago, Clayton Christensen's breakthrough book The Innovator's Dilemma illustrated how disruptive innovations drive industry transformation and market creation. Christensen's research demonstrated how growth-seeking incumbents must develop the capability to deflect disruptive attacks and seize disruptive opportunities. In The Innovator's Guide to Growth, Scott Anthony, Mark Johnson, Joseph Sinfield, and Elizabeth Altman take the subject to the next level: implementation. The authors explain how to create this crucial capability for unlocking disruption's transformational power. With a foreword by Christensen, this book provides a set of market-proven tools and approaches to innovation that have been honed through fieldwork with innovative companies like Procter & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson, Pepsi, Intel, Motorola, SAP, and Cisco Systems. The book shows you how to: Follow a market-proven process -- so your company can reliably create blockbuster businesses Create structures, systems, and metrics -- so the disruptive innovations that will power your firm's future growth receive the funding and personnel needed to succeed Create a common language of disruptive innovation -- so managers can reach consensus around counterintuitive courses of action Incisive and practical, this book helps your company take the steps necessary to benefit from disruption -- instead of being eclipsed by it.

The Innovator s Toolkit

Author : David Silverstein
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This newly revised and updated companion for every innovator, innovation team leader, operations manager and corporate change agent presents, in an easy-to-use format, more than 50 tools and techniques for identifying innovation opportunities, generating new and unusual ideas and implementing new solutions.

The Silver Lining

Author : Scott D. Anthony
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Nobody can predict what the future holds for the world economy, but there is growing consensus that the turmoil of 2008 will lead to at least some period of prolonged pain. Most managers, who have never dealt with such a global downturn, seem paralyzed.

Principles of Marketing for a Digital Age

Author : Tracy L. Tuten
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Student-led in its design and development, the book incorporates digital marketing as central to what marketers do, and combines quality examples, assessment and online resources to support the teaching and learning of introductory marketing in a digital age. The author integrates digital and social media marketing throughout the chapters and through student involvement in the development of it, the text has been made to be approachable and to appeal to students, with infographics, numerous images, and an engaging writing style. It facilitates the “flipped” approach to classroom teaching and is supported by a number of features and activities in every chapter, encouraging students to undertake course reading, class participation and revision. It includes case studies from global companies such as Nutella, Google, L’Oreal, Netflix, Airbnb, BirchBox, Uber, FitBit, Visit California and Coca-Cola. It also takes a social view of marketing, featuring cases tied to the UN’s PRME initiative to aid students in becoming sustainably-minded individuals. The book is complemented by online instructor resources, including chapter-specific PowerPoint slides, an instructor manual, flipped classroom activities, as well as open access multiple choice questions (with solutions), videos, case studies, weblinks, a glossary and SAGE journal articles for students. To find out more and for a quick sneak peek, watch our video on the book's story.


Author : Stephen Wunker
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Wow your customers . . . with "less." Cut costs-it's a common corporate refrain. But if you constantly slash expenditures, what happens to innovation? How can you stay competitive and satisfy customers? Costovation solves the dilemma of how to spend less and innovate more. The book's revolutionary approach broadens the definition of innovation beyond products to the business model itself. With costovation, you let go of assumptions, take a fresh look at the market, and relentlessly focus on what customers really want. Consider Planet Fitness-it grew to 7.3 million members by concentrating on casual exercisers. Those folks don't care about frills. They want easy, low-cost access to good equipment. Although it's inexpensive to run, Planet Fitness ranks highest in gym satisfaction. Gourmet grocer, Picard, sells only frozen food. With less perishable inventory, they compress costs while delighting a discerning but busy clientele. Packed with examples and interactive exercises, the book explores cost innovation strategies that work for big and small companies alike. From open innovation and cost-sharing to simplifying products and turning waste into new offerings-readers learn how rivals are carving out niches, protecting positions, and dominating industries. Innovation and cost-cutting are not opposites. Combined, they expose untapped opportunities to outsmart and underspend competitors.

Towards Sustainable Innovation

Author : Sven Pastoors
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With sustainability having gained a lot of momentum over the last years and companies implementing strategies to create corporate sustainability, there are lots of opportunities for innovation. Thus, the two concepts of sustainability and innovation should not be considered separately – they are closely interlinked with one another. The main goal of sustainable innovation is to develop new products and technologies that have a positive impact on the company's triple-bottom-line. To meet this aim, they have to be ecologically and economically beneficial as well as socially balanced. In order to help companies to improve their sustainable innovation process practically, this book is structured into five possible phases of a sustainable innovation process: Awareness of a sustainability problem, Identification & Definition of the problem, Ideation & Evaluation of the solutions, Testing & Enrichment of the solutions, Implementation of the solutions & Green Marketing.


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Why No One Is Buying Your Product

Author : Sherwette Mansour
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Ever wonder WHY your product or service didn’t sell? If you want to sell products, you must understand your market and competition. For over ten years, author Sherwette has been researching, practicing, and deliberately learning one of her favorite subjects, Consumer Behavior and Psychology. In this book, she shares the best methodologies she has found and worked with—just for you! If you truly want to craft a product or service your customers will be raving about, then this book will help you gain a better understanding of your customers and create products that will be so spot-on that once they know about them, they will scream, “Here, take my money!” Inside, you’ll discover how to: Understand your customers' desires, hopes and dreams Identify what stops them from buying Find solutions Nail down your product value proposition Prototype your ideas and test solutions with customers Design your customer experience to build lasting relationships ...and more! Get Why No One Is Buying Your Product today!