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JAGUAR The complete Story of the famous Jaguar Car

Author : John Bentley
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ORIGINAL DESCRIPTION (1957): “ ... A thorough and detailed account of the development of one of the world’s finest sports cars. The author discusses every sports model the company has produced, from the early SS-90 to the D and the XK-SS. Engineering, design, performance, racing records—nothing is omitted. There is even a chapter on the people who build the Jags. And then, finally, the book contains complete maintenance and servicing information and technical data for every model. A guide in every sense of the word—one that all Jag owners and would-be owners will read with pleasure and profit. John Bentley’s numerous articles and books on sports cars, published both in the U.S. and in Europe, have earned him international recognition as an authority on this subject. No writer is better qualified to tell the fascinating story of the Jaguar car.”

The Story of Jaguar

Author : Jim Mezzanotte
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Surveys the history of Jaguar automobiles and describes the changes in various models over the years.

Case History

Author : Jaguar Cars Ltd
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Creating and Re Creating Corporate Entrepreneurial Culture

Author : Dr Alzira Salama
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Entrepreneurship is often considered only in the context of new venture creation, small business issues, and the profiles and personalities of individual entrepreneurs. The emphasis in Creating and Re-Creating Corporate Entrepreneurial Culture is very much on the 'corporate', it focuses on the creation and maintenance of an entrepreneurial management culture that accelerates growth and enhances effectiveness and competitiveness in large organizations. Alzira Salama explains what constitutes entrepreneurial behaviour, how it is facilitated by organizational culture and why entrepreneurial corporate culture is fundamental to business success. She takes you through ways of identifying prevailing cultures and explains how cultures are reinforced or changed. Drawing on exemplary case studies from around the world, she tells the stories both of successful and unsuccessful interventions made in response to the need to move on from bureaucratic or authoritarian cultures. These include specific instances where the context has been privatization, merger and acquisition, transition in the wider economy, or a combination of any of these circumstances. This enlightening book will help managers and consultants, business educators, higher level students and those on executive programmes to understand the nature of an organization's culture, why it is as it is, whether it needs to change, and how it might be changed. Alzira Salama offers real world examples of how to create or re-create an entrepreneurial culture together with tools that will enable corporations to achieve it.

Jaguar XJ S

Author : Peter Crespin
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A small investment in this book could save you a fortune. With the aid of this book's step-by-step expert guidance, you will discover all you need to know about the car you want to buy. The unique point system will help you to place the car's value in relation to condition.

Jaguar the History of a Great British Car

Author : Andrew John Appleton Whyte
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Riley Wolseley Cars 1948 to 1975

Author : David Rowe
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A comprehensive and informative guide to all Riley cars (1953-1969) and Wolseley cars (1948-1975). Wolseley cars are easily recognised by their illuminated radiator badges and unique front grilles, while Riley cars often combined the technical features of MG models with the equipment levels of Wolseley models. Illustrated with original colour photographs, and with detailed information including colour schemes, optional equipment and technical specifications, this book provides a complete history of the Riley and Wolseley cars of the of the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s to the end of their production in 1969 and 1975 respectively, These classic British cars are rarely covered in other books, and never in as much detail as you will find here – this is the ultimate guide for all Wolseley or Riley enthusiasts!

The Jaguar Story

Author : Joseph H. Wherry
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Jaguar Guide The Complete Story of the Jaguar Car

Author : John Bentley
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The Volvo Estate

Author : Ashley Hollebone
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A dedicated publication that explains the history of the world’s most versatile station wagon, a global workhorse and comfortable family vehicle. Sweden’s answer to Germany’s people’s car arrived some 20 years earlier, and quickly paved the way for safe and dependable vehicles. This book chronicles the evolution of the Volvo estate car, with every model featured. Whether you are a Volvo lover or just have a general interest in cars, this book offers an informative and interesting look into a car that has had very little media coverage, despite its vast global sales success and the affection with which it is held by so many. This new edition has been updated with details of the latest models in 2019.