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International Handbook of Trade Unions

Author : John T. Addison
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This Handbook is an authoritative and invaluable reference tool, uniquely analysing the forces governing unionism, union behaviour and union impact from a variety of perspectives, both theoretical and empirical. The 14 chapters are written in an accessibl

The International Handbook of Labour Unions

Author : Gregor Gall
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This insightful Handbook examines how labour unions across the world have experienced and responded to the growth of neo-liberalism. Since the 1970s, the spread of neo-liberalism across the world has radically reconfigured the relationship between unions, employers and the state. The contributors highlight that this is the major cause and effect of union decline and argue that if there is to be any union revitalisation and return to former levels of influence, then unions need to respond in appropriate political and practical ways. Written in a clear and accessible style, the Handbook examines unions' efforts to date in many of the major economies of the world, providing foundations for understanding each country. Policymakers, analysts, academics, researchers and advanced students in employment, industrial and labour relations as well as political economy will find this unique Handbook an important resource to understanding the contemporary plight and activity of labour unions.

Global and European Trade Union Federations

Author : Hans-Wolfgang Platzer
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The continuing advance of globalization, together with deepening European integration, has increased the significance of the transnational level of trade union organization and action. This study offers a comprehensive overview of the development, structure, and policies of global and European trade union federations to serve as a reference work on all the key trade union movements operating globally and in Europe. It presents an in-depth analysis of the challenges facing these organizations and their strategic and policy responses.<BR> As a handbook, this volume provides extensive and systematically presented data on transnational sectoral trade union federations. Applying an analogous structure in the presentation of both global and European levels, the study features extensive organizational profiles, portraits, and overviews. This empirical material serves to reveal recent innovations in cross-border policy instruments and strategic approaches since the 1990s. The changing profiles of international trade unions - as measured against a set of functional criteria drawn from political science - and key developments in transnational trade union activity since the start of the new century are also investigated.

Trade union handbook

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Trade Unions and the Transnationals

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Trade Union Handbook

Author : Arthur Ivor Marsh
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International Handbook of Education for the Changing World of Work

Author : Rupert Maclean
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This six-volume handbook covers the latest practice in technical and vocational education and training (TVET). It presents TVET models from all over the world, reflections on the best and most innovative practice, and dozens of telling case studies. The handbook presents the work of established as well as the most promising young researchers and features unrivalled coverage of developments in research, policy and practice in TVET.

Handbook on the Soviet Trade Unions

Author : A. Lozovskiĭ
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Handbook of Trade Union Methods

Author :
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International Handbook on the Economics of Migration

Author : Amelie F. Constant
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ŠThis is an extremely impressive volume which guides readers into thinking about migration in new ways. In its various chapters, international experts examine contemporary migration issues through a multitude of lenses ranging from child labor, human t