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Homo Faber

Author : Paolo Benanti
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In Homo Faber Paolo Benanti seeks to provide a philosophical and theological understanding of the technological phenomenon by casting light contemporaneously on the ethical dimensions connected to it. In constructing a holistic vision of technique-technology, he asks himself how to look at the technological artifacts, how it was possible that the West has undergone an incomparable technological development in respect to any other human culture and what this reveals and means for technology and what is the context in which technology is implemented and understood today. As a result of his journey Benanti shows how Technology is not a simple human activity, but human nature is a techno-human condition.

Levant Cradle of Abrahamic Religions

Author : Catalin-Stefan Popa
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The volume is the result of a Lecture Series on The Levant, Cradle of Abrahamic Religions, which engaged scholars on topics related to the cultural and religious diversity of the historical Levant. Like a jigsaw, the studies contained within showcase interlock fragments of the historical encounters between faiths, religions and societies in a rich Levantine and Oriental space, in an attempt to render them more accessible to readers today by focusing both on broader religious phenomena as well as on the practical, liturgical and social interaction between traditions and mentalities, features representative of both faith and society at large.

Elenchus of Biblica

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Testi medici latini antichi

Author : Associazione internazionale lessicografica sulla letteratura scientifica e tecnica greca e latina. Convegno internazionale
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Guide to Reprints

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