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Getting a Grip on Tomorrow

Author : L. M. Johnson
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Getting a Grip

Author : Bill Hybels
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How to gain traction when you’re out of control.If you drive anywhere in the snow belt, you probably know the feeling: rear wheels fishtailing, steering useless, brakes ineffective—you’re out of control. The good news is, life doesn’t have to be like a car on ice. Bill Hybels offers biblical insights and practical steps to securing a Christ-centered life that will get you where you want to go.Getting a Grip guides you toward wise choices and disciplined action in five vital areas of your life: your time, your health, your finances, your spiritual life, and your relationships. As you learn what the Bible has to say about each of these, you’ll discover how able and eager Jesus is to help you obtain solid traction on the road of life.Interactions—a powerful and challenging tool for building deep relationships between you and your group members, and you and God. Interactions is far more than another group Bible study. It's a cutting-edge series designed to help small group participants develop into fully devoted followers of Christ.

Tomorrow s Memories

Author : Norman O'Banyon
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Welcome Aboard! Join the reprised crew of Passage to Peace aboard Dreamer, a 41' sailboat, on a journey of personal discovery in British Columbia's Desolation Sound. Come along as they visit six delightful ports of call, and are charmed by the wilderness scenery and experiences. Each day the crew is blessed by Holy Scripture's insight into living a radiantly fearless life. You also might find a balance of inspiration and adventure, with a touch of romance to make it complete. Welcome aboard indeed! We pray for your discovery of increased faith and decreased fears. Safe Journey, Norm O'Banyon, Skipper

Electronic Commerce Building tomorrow s information infrastructure doing business online the future of the domain name system consumer protection in cyperspace privacy in cyberspace

Author : United States. Congress. House. Committee on Commerce
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The Trick to Getting a Mom

Author : Amy Frazier
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Alex didn't want to be too pushy. She'd heard her dad say Kit Darling was a wild thing, and she knew you had to be patient with wild things or you might scare them off. And she wanted the famous travel writer to stick around. Kit was not only way cool, she actually listened to Alex—and made her dad smile a whole lot. For the first time since her mom died, he seemed really happy. But how was Alex going to make freedom-loving Kit stay in Pritchard's Neck when she was so desperate to get out?

Program Tailored to Changing Times

Author : AIME. Minnesota Section
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We Hope to Get Word Tomorrow

Author : James Louis Garvin
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WORLD HISTORY: FIRST WORLD WAR. This fascinating collection of letters traces the exchanges between a young subaltern on the front, Gerard 'Ged' Garvin, and his mother and father at home. Correspondence was eagerly awaited by all. Ged savored letters home like 'Jim Hawkins trickling the doubloons through his fingers'. Equally, his mother and father at home were always fearful that each letter they received would be the last. In a letter J. L. Garvin sent to his son 21 July 1916 he wrote: 'Of course there's no fresh letter from you and we didn't expect it. But we hope, all the same, to get word tomorrow . . .' Ged was killed the very next day. He was just twenty years old. Ged's father was J. L. Garvin (1868-1947) - editor of The Observer and an important figure in pre-war politics and society. Taken together the letters vividly capture the experience of a family during the First World War.

Claimed by Her Two Alphas

Author : Sedona Venez
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If you love riveting storytelling, sensual alpha shifters, and paranormal romance that never quits, then you’ll love this complete 3-Book Shifter Paranormal Romance box set! Inside this box set collection: 3 mfm shifter romance books that are ALL about her - no m/m: ** Double Trouble ** Between Two Wolves ** The Wolves Next Door Double Trouble Two gorgeous were-bears and one woman who gave up on the idea of true love a long time ago... Down on her luck, plus-size single, Sadie doesn’t think she’ll find love, so when her best friend Peyton offers to set her up on a blind date, she initially refuses. Why would she waste her time? Thankfully, Peyton isn’t taking no for an answer. She knows that Sadie must try something new and different if she ever stands a chance at letting go of her insecurities and finally opening up her heart again. The twist? Sadie is about to go on a blind date with not one but two dangerously handsome men who just happen to be joint-alphas of a were-bear shifter clan. Dane and Jackson have been the best of friends ever since they were young cubs, so when they are both made joint-alpha of their clan, they agree to share more than leadership; they want to share a mate. For the two sexy were-bears, it's quite simple: convince the plus-size beauty that she is destined to be their mate, and they know just how to do it. Poor Sadie doesn't realize just how wild it's about to get! Between Two Wolves Risha is your typical kick-ass girl. She is as tough in the ring as she is out and can hold her own against the guys. It takes a lot to knock her down. Unfortunately, her ex-boyfriend cheating on her with an old friend from her college days managed to sucker-punch her in one of her few weak spots, hitting her where it hurt most. Determined to find herself again and mend her broken heart, she sets out on a journey of self-discovery that leads her deep inside the shadows of Black Wolf Mountain. But what she’ll find in the mysterious caverns will open her eyes to a different side of herself that she’s never known, and it all happens in the arms of two handsome strangers. Colt and Jericho are determined to invade Risha’s boundaries and push her into the deepest depths of her own forbidden desires. That is until a cruel hunter appears in their secret corner of the mountain and threatens to destroy them all. The Wolves Next Door The sexiest neighbors you could ever ask for... When plus-size single Julie moves into a strange town, nothing could prepare her for the dangerously handsome strangers next door who want nothing more than to claim her as their own. She doesn't know that Caine and Ryan both hold a wickedly dark secret that threatens to change her life forever. Keywords: paranormal romance, fantasy romance, urban fantasy, shifter romance, bear shifters, steamy romance, shifters, alpha heroes, alpha shifters, myth, mythology, love story, werewolf, werewolf romance, action adventure, vampire, witch, demon, devil, psychic, shapeshifter, alpha, vampires, vampire series, shapeshifter werewolf romance, fantasy, lycan, mate bond, vampire, vampire romance, immortal, vampire slayer, fae, T.S. Joyce, Terry Bolryder, Harmony Raines, Zoe Chant, Regine Abel, Roxie Ray, Lee Savino, Renee Rose, Milly Taiden, Laurel K. Hamilton, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Christine Feehan, Gena Showalter, K.F. Breene, Shannon Mayer, Ruby Dixon, JR Ward, J.R. Ward, Ilona Andrews, Patricia Briggs, Vampire Diaries, Twilight, Crave, Tracy Wolff, The Vampire Diaries, Bella Forrest, A Shade of Vampire, Harry Potter, witch, wizard, fated mates

Sanctuary s Price

Author : Moira Rogers
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After a decade under a corrupt alpha’s thumb, Dylan Gennaro is still reeling from the changes in his life: a new home, a new alpha, a pack at war. Even normal things like an ending relationship. Still, when he’s asked to work with an outcast witch, he agrees without hesitation. Maybe by protecting her, he’ll rediscover his own inner strength. If, indeed, it exists. Sasha Wallace lost her mentor in a vicious attack that left her scarred in spirit as well as body. While she’s grateful for the refuge offered by the Red Rock alpha, it’s tough living with the pack’s suspicion. Even though -- or maybe because – she’s willing to use her powers to help them fight their war. Except for Dylan. When she’s finally free to find a new home, he’ll be the only one she regrets leaving behind. Their attraction is a balm to their wounded hearts, until their journey for knowledge brings them face to face with a terrifying vampire. Neither has the strength for this fight--but if they can let go of their pasts and trust each other, they might just be able to do it. Together.

Real World Time Management

Author : Michael Dobson
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In this instructive guide to time management, author Michael Dobson provides tips, techniques, and commonsense advice that will give anyone better agency over his or her time and significantly increase productivity. Real-World Time Management does this by offering readers valuable tips on how to: set priorities; stay on track; keep a closed-door policy; avoid interrupters; and reduce stress. You’ll also learn how to handle distractions, stop procrastinating, delegate tasks, deal with meetings, and manage time effectively while traveling.Most of us dream about having a few extra hours in our day for taking care of business, relaxing, or engaging in the activities we most enjoy. But how can we make the most of our time when it seems as though there aren’t enough hours in the day? Now newly updated, this enlightening and essential guide will help leaders and frontline employees alike wrangle and order their time--no matter how hectic their lives may seem.