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Geological Aspects of Hazardous Waste Management

Author : Stephen M. Testa
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Geologic Aspects of Hazardous Waste Management brings together technical, legislative, regulatory, and business aspects of hazardous waste issues as they pertain to preventing, assessing, containing, and remediating soil and groundwater contamination. The book emphasizes how subsurface geologic and hydrogeologic conditions affect the decision-making process, and it focuses on critical issues facing industry, government, and the public. The book is excellent for consultants, project managers, regulators, geologists, geophysicists, hydrologists, hydrogeologists, risk assessors, environmental engineers, chemists, toxicologists, and environmental lawyers.

Environmental Geology Workbook

Author : Jack W. Travis
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Environmental geologists use a wide range of geologic data to solve environmental problems and conflicts. Professionals and academics in this field need to know how to gather information on such diverse conditions as soil type, rock structure, and groundwater flow and then utilize it to understand geological site conditions. Field surveys, maps, well logs, bore holes, ground-penetrating radar, aerial photos, geologic literature, and more help to reveal potential natural hazards in an area or how to remediate contaminated sites. This new workbook presents accessible activities designed to highlight key concepts in environmental geology and give students an idea of what they need to know to join the workforce as an environmental geologist, engineering geologist, geological engineer, or geotechnical engineer. Exercises cover: • Preparation, data collection, and data analysis • Descriptive and engineering properties of earth materials • Basic tools used in conjunction with geoenvironmental investigations • Forces operating on earth materials within the earth • Inanimate forces operating on earth materials at the surface of the earth • Human activities operating on earth materials Each activity encourages students to think critically and develop deeper knowledge of environmental geology.

Risks and Challenges of Hazardous Waste Management Reviews and Case Studies

Author : Gabriella Marfe
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This reference presents reviews and case studies of hazardous waste management in a selection of cities. The overarching themes of the compiled topics include 1) the problems of healthcare waste management, 2) case studies of hazardous waste mismanagement, 3) health risks associated with environmental waste, issues in environmental health and 4) grassroots environmentalism. The volume initially presents reviews and case studies from developing countries, including countries in South America (Argentina), Africa (Algeria and Nigeria), and Asia (India). The latter chapters of the book focus on environmental issues in Campania, a region in Italy. These chapters also provide an insight into the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on waste management practices in this region. Risks and Challenges of Hazardous Waste Management is an insightful reference for management trainees, professionals and researchers associated with waste management and environmental health firms. Readers will gain insights into current issues and practices in the respective industries. The reviews and case studies presented in the reference are also useful to professionals involved in risk assessment studies.

Geology and Hazardous Waste Management

Author : Syed E. Hasan
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Emphasizing the importance of geology in waste mangement, this text provides students with an understanding of the principles of hazardous waste management, integrating key concepts from geology and geotechnics throughout.

Environmental Hydrogeology

Author : Philip E. LaMoreaux
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Looming global threats such as overpopulation, pollution, ozone depletion, and other major risks to the planet have created an increasing need for well-trained, experienced geoscientists who understand environmental hydrology and can apply its precepts to tackle these intimidating planetary problems. Written by the senior staff of a respected environmental consulting firm, Environmental Hydrogeology is a complete introduction to this fast-growing field. Geared to both practicing geoscientists and students, it provides a thorough examination of the role of environmental hydrogeology in solving today's challenging environmental problems, from local issues to global perils. Topics covered include the geological aspects of disposal sites, surface water hydrology, groundwater hydrology and wells, environmental impacts and the hydrological system, and more. This text/reference also includes types, sources, and properties of waste products, and proposes waste management programs for groundwater protection. The accompanying TPASCAL modeling software includes a solved problem to demonstrate the use of this powerful program.

Monthly Catalogue United States Public Documents

Author :
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Environmental Geology of Urban Areas

Author : Geological Association of Canada
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Environmental Geology

Author : Matthew R. Bennett
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Environmental Geology: geology and the human environment provides a comprehensive introduction to the subject of environmental geology - the interaction of humans with the geological environment. As a subject, environmental geology has grown in popularity with the rise of interest in environmental issues. Despite this, environmental geology is not a new subject but a meld of three related earth science disciplines: economic geology, engineering geology and applied geomorphology, each of which has been given a new focus through the need for greater environmental management. This book is the first of its kind to recognise that the true challenge of environmental geology does not lie in rural areas or in the green issues, but in the urban environment and its resource hinterland. By the year 2000, over 3.5 billion people, over 50% of the world's population, will live in urban areas covering just 1% of the earth's surface. It is here that human interaction with the geological environment is at its most intense: it is here that the practical challenges in environmental geology lie. Urban growth fuels the demand for mineral and water resources, tests our skills as engineering geologists, produces vast volumes of waste which must be managed, and increases human vulnerability to natural hazards. All of these topics are covered within this book. Environmental geology is a practical subject, and environmental geologists have a crucial role in managing our interaction with the geological environment. This textbook demonstrates how environmental geologists can make a practical contribution to managing this interaction allowing both sustained development and environmental conservation.

Introduction to Waste Management

Author : Syed E. Hasan
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Introduction to Waste Management An introductory textbook offering comprehensive coverage of the management of municipal, hazardous, medical, electronic, and nuclear waste Written by an experienced instructor in the field of solid waste management, this modern text systematically covers the five key types of solid wastes: municipal, hazardous/industrial, medical/biological, electronic, and nuclear, discussing their sources, handling, and disposal along with the relevant laws that govern their management. With its emphasis on industry standards and environmental regulations, it bridges the gap between theoretical models and real-life challenges in waste disposal and minimization. Instructors and students in environmental science, geology, and geography may use Introduction to Waste Management: A Textbook to better understand the five main types of solid waste and their management both from a local and a global perspective.

Geologic Aspects of Individual Home Liquid waste Disposal in Missouri

Author : James W. Duley
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