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Experimental Approaches For The Investigation Of Innate Immunity The Human Innate Immunity Handbook

Author : Richard Bucala
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The recent explosion of information in innate immune pathways for recognition, effect or responses, and genetic regulation has given impetus to investigations into analogous pathways in the human immune response, which in turn has produced attendant insights into both normal physiology and immunopathology. This volume presents a compendium of methods and protocols for the investigation of human innate immunity with application to the study of normal immune function, immunosenescence, autoimmunity and infectious diseases. Among the topics covered are quantitative flow cytometry for Toll-like receptor expression and function; multidimensional single cell mass cytometry (CyTOF) in complex immune interactions and tumor immunity; imaging techniques such as Imagestream high resolution microscopy coupled to flow cytometry, immune cell infiltration of organotypic, biomimetic organs; high-throughput single cell secretion profiling; multiplexed transcriptomic profiling; microsatellite and microRNA methodologies, RNA interference; and the latest bioinformatics and biostatistical methodologies, including in-depth statistical modeling, genetic mapping, and systems approaches.

The Wiley Blackwell Handbook of Psychoneuroimmunology

Author : Alexander W. Kusnecov
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This comprehensive resource details the history, methodology anddevelopment of research into psychoneuroimmunology, balancing itwith meticulous coverage of both the clinical aspects and practicalapplications of the subject. A much-needed reference including overviews of key advances inthe field Discusses how psychoneuroimmunological research is conceivedand executed Includes contributions from a wealth of experts in thefield Forward by Robert Ader and Nicholas Cohen, founders of thediscipline Authoritative and interdisciplinary in scope - integratingbiological and behavioral science

Vaccinology and Methods in Vaccine Research

Author : Rebecca Ashfield
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Vaccinology and Methods in Vaccine Research is a combination of cutting-edge methodologies, experimental approaches and literature reviews. The book covers all aspects of vaccine development, including basic immunology (focusing on the stimulation of adaptive immunity, which is required for vaccine efficacy), approaches to vaccine design and target validation, vaccine biomanufacturer and clinical development. Existing vaccinology resources are theoretical reference books, whereas this book provides a practical handbook for use in the research lab and classroom by those working in vaccinology and training others in the field. It is authored and edited by scientists actively engaged in vaccine research and development for day-to-day teaching/methodological advice. Addresses how to design a vaccine for an emerging disease, from a practical point-of -view, with chapters written by scientists who are grappling with these questions Provides new approaches to vaccine development. including vaccine targeting and virus-like-particle vaccines Gives up-to-date information and methodologies in use for vaccine adjuvants

Conn s Handbook of Models for Human Aging

Author : Jeffrey L. Ram
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Conn's Handbook of Models for Human Aging, Second Edition, presents key aspects of biology, nutrition, factors affecting lifespan, methods of age determination, use in research and the disadvantages/advantages of use. Using a multidisciplinary approach, this updated edition is designed as the only comprehensive, current work that covers the diversity in aging models. Chapters on comparative models explore age-related diseases, including Alzheimer's, joint disease, cataracts, cancer and obesity. Also included are new tricks and approaches not available in primary publications. This must-have handbook is an indispensable resource for researchers interested in the mechanisms of aging, gerontologists, health professionals, allied health practitioners and students. Combines both the methods of study for human aging and animal models Provides a historical overview and discussion of model availability, key methods and ethical issues Contains over 200 full color illustrations

Dendritic Cells

Author : Giovanna Lombardi
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The understanding of the role of dendritic cells (DCs) in immune responses has come a long way since Steinmann and colleagues described these cells in 1972. - tensive research during the intervening period has provided a good understanding of the complexity of the DC system and its pivotal role in immunity. It is also now clearer how different subsets of DCs interact and regulate each other and how DC populations affect the function of other cells of the immune system. The improved understanding of their role in immune response has led to the idea that modulation of DC functions by, for example, pharmacological agents could be used as a pot- tial therapeutic approach in some pathological conditions. The actual applicability and therapeutic potential of all these approaches is yet to be fully demonstrated but nonetheless, animal models of human diseases are proving to be very helpful in the evaluation of manipulated DCs as a new treatment in diseases like cancer, auto- munity or asthma. DCs are integral to the initiation and regulation of immune response (Banchereau et al. 2000). The outcome of antigen presentation by DCs is determined by their maturation status, which can be induced by their interaction with danger signals. To recognise a wide array of pathogen-associated molecular patterns (PAMP), DCs express a number of pattern recognition receptors (PRR) such as Toll-like rec- tors (TLRs) and C-type lectin receptors (CLR) that recognise structural components of pathogens and discriminate between self and non-self molecules.

Handbook of Mouse Auditory Research

Author : James F. Willott
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This unique compilation of chapters reviews a broad range of topics at the cutting edge of hearing research. The authors include many of the top auditory scientists in the world as well as some of the brightest rising stars. Although the book obviously focuses on the exciting, revolutionary work being done with mice, the authors have made a strong

Deciphering Phagocyte Functions across Different Species

Author : Katrin Kierdorf
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Handbook of Research Methods in Health Psychology

Author : Deborah Fish Ragin
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In this comprehensive handbook, Ragin and Keenan present an all-encompassing analysis of the variety of different methods used in health psychology research. Featuring interdisciplinary collaborations from leading academics, this meticulously written volume is a guide to conducting cutting-edge research using tested and vetted best practices. It explains important research techniques, why they are selected and how they are conducted. The book critically examines both cutting-edge methods, such as those used in NextGen genetics, nudge theory, and the brain’s vulnerability to addiction, as well as the classic methods, including cortisol measurement, survey, and environmental study. The topics of the book span the gamut of health psychology field, from neuroimaging and statistical analysis to socioeconomic issues such as the policies used to address diseases in Africa, anti-vaxers, and the disproportionate impact of climate change on impoverished people. With each section featuring examples of best research practices, recommendations for study samples, accurate use of instrumentation, analytical techniques, and advanced-level data analysis, this book will be an essential text for both emerging student researchers and experts in the field and an indispensable resource in health psychology programs.

Handbook of Laboratory Animal Science Volume III

Author : Jann Hau
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While replacing and reducing the use of laboratory animals are integral parts of the 3Rs-replace, reduce, refine-which form the cornerstones of laboratory animal science, biomedical research involving animals remains absolutely essential for the advancement of the medical, veterinary, agricultural, and biological sciences. Building upon the bestsel

Innate Immunity Pathways in Autoimmune Diseases

Author : Moncef Zouali
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