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Through the Realm Lies the Unforgotten Legacy

Author : Austin Dewater
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This book contains stories about a poor man named Lane Snipe, who has lost everything, but settling for nothing is not an option. Lane Snipe feels he only has one option, and that is to become a criminal. And what better place to start than robbing banks? Lane Snipe is a smart man, but how smart can a criminal be once outnumbered by the law? Thirteen men, twenty-six guns, and nowhere to runanybody else would surrender, but Lane takes his chances with his back against the wall .

Das Schicksal ist ein mieser Verr ter

Author : John Green
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The Short Happy Life of Harry Kumar

Author : Ashok Mathur
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Ashok Mathur’s debut novel, Once Upon an Elephant, was a hilarious murder mystery steeped in Hindu mythology and starring elephant-headed Hindu deity Ganesh. The Short, Happy Life of Harry Kumar, nominated for Best Book in the regional Commonwealth Writers Prize, continues Mathur’s playful jaunt through mythology, this time blending the Hindu epic, the Ramayana, with the geography of Canada and Australia. Harry Kumar is an unlikely hero who finds himself vaulted into a globe-trotting quest to rescue his closest friend and confidant who’s been kidnapped by a mysterious villain. With his travelling companion, a somewhat high-strung dog named Hanuman, Harry becomes embroiled in the odd politics that govern our world—and his own history. Harry travels a fantastic, twisting trail in search of a woman, his best friend and perhaps lover, in a twisting tale of fate and the backwards/forwards of time. "A fine, subtle look at the ancient myth of Rama and Sita. . . . Mathur’s decidedly feminist take on the Rama myth is decidedly unconventional."—Calgary Herald "A rich and multilayered story."—Georgia Straight Praise for Once Upon an Elephant: "Mathur’s novel is as funny as it is smart. Once Upon an Elephant is wry, sly, and perfectly suited to the tusk, er, task, at hand."—Toronto Star "Whimsical. . . . The novel conjures up a cosmos of mirthful chaos. Mathur’s debut is a comic celebration."—Vancouver Sun "Epic, shrewd, funny, convincing, sexed-up, and full of a kind of glittering gravitas."—Quill & Quire Ashok Mathur teaches critical studies at the Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design in Vancouver.


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Lum and Abner

Author : Randal L. Hall
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In the 1930s radio stations filled the airwaves with programs and musical performances about rural Americans—farmers and small-town residents struggling through the Great Depression. One of the most popular of these shows was Lum and Abner, the brainchild of Chester "Chet" Lauck and Norris "Tuffy" Goff, two young businessmen from Arkansas. Beginning in 1931 and lasting for more than two decades, the show revolved around the lives of ordinary people in the fictional community of Pine Ridge, based on the hamlet of Waters, Arkansas. The title characters, who are farmers, local officials, and the keepers of the Jot 'Em Down Store, manage to entangle themselves in a variety of hilarious dilemmas. The program's gentle humor and often complex characters had wide appeal both to rural southerners, who were accustomed to being the butt of jokes in the national media, and to urban listeners who were fascinated by descriptions of life in the American countryside. Lum and Abner was characterized by the snappy, verbal comedic dueling that became popular on radio programs of the 1930s. Using this format, Lauck and Goff allowed their characters to subvert traditional authority and to poke fun at common misconceptions about rural life. The show also featured hillbilly and other popular music, an innovation that drew a bigger audience. As a result, Arkansas experienced a boom in tourism, and southern listeners began to immerse themselves in a new national popular culture. In Lum and Abner: Rural America and the Golden Age of Radio, historian Randal L. Hall explains the history and importance of the program, its creators, and its national audience. He also presents a treasure trove of twenty-nine previously unavailable scripts from the show's earliest period, scripts that reveal much about the Great Depression, rural life, hillbilly stereotypes, and a seminal period of American radio.

The Ladies Companion

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The Originators

Author : Charles Schwartz
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If fossil fuel oil is replaced by a free, clean, abundant source of energy, then the politics and economics of the world will dramatically change. The solution would quickly ripple through all world societies, leading to a permanent peace on earth. The story is laced with political intrigue, violence, murder, and evil conspiracies. On an international scale, it is oil power vs. free and abundant hydrogen energy.

Fire Behind Me

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Research Integrity

Author : Lee Jussim
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"Scientific discoveries often build on - and are inspired by - previous discoveries. If the scientific enterprise were a tower of blocks, each piece representing a scientific finding, scientific progress might entail making the tower bigger and better block by block, discovery by discovery. Rather than strong wooden blocks, imagine the blocks, or scientific findings, can take on shape based on scientific accuracy. The most accurate pieces are the strongest and sturdiest, while the least accurate are soft and pliable. Building a tower of the scientific enterprise with a large number of inaccurate blocks will cause the tower to start to wobble, lean over, and potentially collapse, as more and more blocks are placed upon weak and faulty pieces"--

Tales From Country Music

Author : Gerry Wood
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Follow Gerry Wood on his journey with country music's biggest stars, featuring Dolly Parton, Willie Nelson, Shania Twain and many more familiar names in the industry. Tales from Country Music will take you backstage and behind the scenes with some of your favorite country music singers.