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Contemporary Dance and Southern African Rock Art

Author : Sylvia "Magogo" Glasser
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This book weaves archaeology, anthropology, culture, politics, colonial history, dance and choreography into a life-transforming tapestry. It charts the extraordinary story of the author’s work in South Africa during the abhorrent system of Apartheid when she started a mixed-race dance company called Moving into Dance in the garage of her house. Her in-depth research into rock art, its meaning, the creation and performance of Tranceformations, the dancers’ own transformative experiences, as well as issues of cultural appropriation, are at the core of this book. It straddles different disciplines, and shows in real terms how art, or specifically dance, can transform people’s lives, not only in physical or cognitive parameters, but that it can change attitudes and perceptions of both participants and observers; that it can touch the human spirit and transcend the very essence of being human. This book also includes a link to a video of the 30-minute dance “Tranceformations”, choreographed by the author.

A Cosmos in Stone

Author : J. David Lewis-Williams
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Collected articles of the world's preeminent rock art researchers and cognitive archaeologists.

Narratives and Journeys in Rock Art A Reader

Author : George Nash
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Why publish a Reader? Today, it is relatively easy and convenient to switch on your computer and download an academic paper. However, as many scholars have experienced, historic references are difficult to access. Moreover, some are now lost and are merely references in later papers. This can be frustrating.

Changing Climates Ecosystems and Environments within Arid Southern Africa and Adjoining Regions

Author : Jörgen Runge
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This book is volume 33 of the yearbook seriesPalaeoecology of Africa presenting the outcome of atribute conference to the internationally recognized South African researcher and palynologist Professor Louis Scott. He has recently retired, but is continuing his active research career. The conference proceedings and articles published here

Human Beginnings in South Africa

Author : H. J. Deacon
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The Stone Age is now beginning to be recognised as vital in establishing who we are and where we have come from. This period has long been neglected.

The Oxford Handbook of African Archaeology

Author : Peter Mitchell
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This Handbook provides a comprehensive synthesis of African archaeology, covering the entirety of the continent's past from the beginnings of human evolution to the archaeological legacy of European colonialism. It includes a mixture of key methodological and theoretical issues and debates and situates the subject's contemporary practice.

Culture and Customs of South Africa

Author : Funso S. Afọlayan
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Prodigiously encapsulates South Africa-inclusive, balanced, jam-packed with the most in-demand information

A Scientific Bibliography of the Drakensberg Maloti and Adjacent Lowlands

Author : Rodney Moffett
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This bibliography includes scientific articles on the Drakensberg, Maloti and Adjacent Lowlands published between 1808 and 2019. Although focussing on material appearing in accredited journals, there is such a wealth of information in the form of unpublished, yet traceable, reports, documents, presentations and dissertations, these are also included. The bibliography has two parts – a complete list arranged alphabetically, and the same references arranged in 33 different disciplines. These range from Palaeobotany with 17 entries, to Rock Art with 502 entries.

Rock Art and Regional Identity

Author : Jamie Hampson
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Why did the ancient artists create paintings and engravings? What did the images mean? This careful study of rock art motifs in the Trans-Pecos area of Texas and a small area in South Africa demonstrates that there are archaeological and anthropological ways of accessing the past in order to investigate and explain the significance of rock art motifs. Using two disparate regions shows the possibility of comparative rock art studies and highlights the importance of regional studies and regional variations. This is an ideal resource for students and researchers.

The Archaeology of Rock Art

Author : Christopher Chippindale
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This collection on rock-art explores how we can learn from it as a material record of distant times.