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Dead Writers in Rehab

Author : Paul Bassett Davies
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When literary reprobate Foster James wakes up in a strange country house, he assumes he's been consigned to rehab (yet again) by his dwindling band of friends and growing collection of ex-wives. But he soon realises there's something a bit different about this place after he gets punched in the face by Ernest Hemingway. Is Foster dead? Has his less-than-saintly existence finally caught up with him? After an acrimonious group therapy session with Hunter S Thompson, Colette, William Burroughs, and Coleridge, it seems pretty likely. But he still feels alive, especially after an up-close and personal one-on-one session with Dorothy Parker. When he discovers that the two enigmatic doctors who run the institution are being torn apart by a thwarted love affair, he and the other writers must work together to save something that, for once, is bigger than their own gigantic egos. This is a love story. It's for anyone who loves writing and writers. It's also a story about the strange and terrible love affair between creativity and addiction, told by a charming, selfish bastard who finally confronts his demons in a place that's part Priory, part Purgatory, and where the wildest fiction can tell the soberest truth.

Stone Heart Deep

Author : Paul Bassett Davies
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A COMPELLING AND CLAUSTROPHOBIC THRILLER ‘Once I’d started reading I could not put it down’ IAIN MAITLAND When burned-out investigative journalist Adam Budd’s estranged mother dies, he inherits her estate. This includes Stone Heart House, a huge, ramshackle mansion on a remote Scottish island. He visits the island to sort out her tangled affairs, and at first it seems like a charming haven of tranquillity. But after he witnesses a strange accident, he begins to develop suspicions about the inhabitants. Why does everyone seem so eerily calm, even under stress? What is stopping Harriet, the lawyer helping him with his affairs, from leaving the island when she so clearly wants to? Is he making a big mistake by falling for her? And why have so many children gone missing? Stone Heart Deep is a compelling and claustrophobic thriller with a remarkable twist, as if Iain Banks had rewritten The Wicker Man.

Six Scary Stories

Author : Elodie Harper
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SIX SCARY STORIES SELECTED AND INTRODUCED BY STEPHEN KING Winning stories from The Bazaar of Bad Dreams Hodder-Guardian competition The Number 1 bestselling writer Stephen King introduces and presents six gripping and chilling stories in this captivating anthology: WILD SWIMMING by Elodie Harper EAU-DE-ERIC by Manuela Saragosa THE SPOTS by Paul Bassett Davies THE UNPICKING by Michael Button LA MORT DE L'AMANT by Stuart Johnstone THE BEAR TRAP by Neil Hudson Stephen King discovered these stories when he judged a competition run by Hodder & Stoughton and the Guardian to celebrate publication of his own collection The Bazaar of Bad Dreams. He was so impressed with the entries that he recommended they were published together in one book. Reader beware: the stories will make you think twice before cuddling up to your old soft toy, dipping your toe into the water or counting the spots on a leopard...


Author : Darcy Burke
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Society’s most exclusive invitation... Welcome to the Phoenix Club, where London’s most audacious, disreputable, and intriguing ladies and gentlemen find scandal, redemption, and second chances. Jessamine Goodfellow has spent six Seasons avoiding the parson’s trap, and spinsterhood is finally within her grasp. A brilliant scholar, she longs for adventure and new experiences, things her family frowns upon. Presented with the opportunity to use her puzzle-solving talent on a secret mission for the Foreign Office, Jess eagerly accepts. Even when it means posing as the wife of a scorchingly attractive Scotsman whom she must also covertly investigate as a possible double agent. Lord Dougal MacNair, the new Viscount Fallin, has always completed his assignments for the Foreign Office alone. Now he’s saddled with an overly enthusiastic amateur partner. She possesses a remarkable intellect, but something about her isn’t quite right, and after two failed missions, Dougal is certain someone is working against him. Battling their secret suspicions, Dougal and Jess dive deep into their cover as a married couple, which arouses temptations they find irresistible.

The Glade and Other Stories

Author : Paul Bassett Davies
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The debut story collection from the acclaimed author of Dead Writers in Rehab.These eleven stories range from a brief encounter on a train that uncovers a startling history of S&M, to a bizarre tale apparently written by a shipwrecked mariner, describing his journey into madness - or perhaps ecstasy. There's also a drug-fuelled adventure in Rotterdam that leads to an encounter with a werewolf, and a chilling retelling of a classic fairy-tale. Oh, and a story narrated by a man who, literally, isn't there. The stories are highly diverse in subject matter but they each share an undercurrent of the uncanny, a rich vein of dark humour, and the seductive pleasure of transformation. Paul Bassett Davies' stories have won or been shortlisted for many awards. One was selected by Stephen King to appear in his collection, Six Scary Stories...Praise for Paul Bassett Davies:"Mordantly funny... Poe would have enjoyed it" Stephen King"Dark, dirty, warm and funny" Jeremy Hardy"Very funny" Jack Dee

Russian Writers and Soviet Society 1917 1978

Author : Ronald Hingley
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This book, first published in 1979, provides a systematic anatomy of Russia’s modern authors in the context of their society at the time. Post-revolutionary Russian literature has made a profound impact on the West while still maintaining its traditional role as a vehicle for political struggle at home. Professor Hingley places their lives and work firmly in the setting of the USSR’s social and political structure.

Rehabilitation Record

Author :
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Ephemeral Coast Visualizing Coastal Climate Change

Author : Celina Jeffery
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"Ephemeral Coast - Visualizing Coastal Climate Change" considers the ways that art can offer a means through which to discover, analyze, re-imagine and re-frame emotive discourses about the ecological and cultural transformations of the coastline. This edited anthology takes ephemerality as its central conceptual and methodological framework and presents a series of essays that create interconnections between environmental and social considerations of the coast, a succession of embodied creative practices, and shifting regional geographic identities. The book presents a series of specific case studies of artistic practices and strategies that seek to capture the rewriting of cartographic maps that are being reshaped by rising seas, coastal flooding and catastrophic weather. The essays in this edited volume engender creative strategies for understanding new and uncertain coastal ecologies and the loss, expulsion or destruction of their associated cultures, habitats, species and ecosystems. The anthology also looks at the historical, mnemonic and contemporary transitional conditions of ‘conflicted’ coastal spaces in which empire, modernity and globalization press on coastal erosion and incursions, proliferate it with trivial plastics, pollution and disposable attitudes, and bring vulnerable communities into uncertain futures."

In the Dead of Summer

Author : Gillian Roberts
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Summer school teacher Amanda Pepper probes a series of racial incidents, one of which leads to the murder of a Vietnamese student. White supremacist students are suspected.

NEHRP Commentary on the Gidelines for the Seismic Rehabilitation of Buildings

Author : Eugene Zeller
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This document from the National Earthquake Hazards Reduction Program (NEHRP) was prepared for the Building Seismic Safety Council (BSSC) with funding from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). It provides commentary on the NEHRP Guidelines for the Seismic Rehabilitation of Buildings. It contains systematic guidance enabling design professionals to formulate effective & reliable rehabilitation approaches that will limit the expected earthquake damage to a specified range for a specified level of ground shaking. This kind of guidance applicable to all types of existing buildings & in all parts of the country has never existed before. Illustrated.