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The Complete Book of Discipleship

Author : Bill Hull
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The first book in The Navigator Reference Library is the definitive resource on discipleship and disciple making. It pulls together such relevant topics as spiritual growth, transformation, spiritual disciplines, and discipleship to the local church and beyond.

The Complete Book of Discipleship

Author : Bill Hull
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Well organized and readily accessible, The Complete Book of Discipleship pulls together into one convenient, comprehensive volume relevant topics to discipleship such as: Spiritual growth Transformation Spiritual disciplines Discipleship in the local church and beyond Indexed for easy reference

The Complete Book of Everyday Christianity

Author : R. Paul Stevens
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“I am thrilled to know that The Complete Book of Everyday Christianity is being relaunched. A well-worn first edition of this book sits next to my office desk and I consult it often. There is no better collection of everyday issues examined from a Christian perspective. A wide variety of topics are addressed with a cleverly balanced combination of academic and practical perspectives, informed by thoughtful biblical and theological reflection. This is a wonderfully useful tool. I am pleased that it will be available to resource a new generation of Christians who are eager to understand more about what it means to follow Christ in every aspect of life.” — Alistair Mackenzie, Senior Lecturer: School of Theology, Mission and Ministry, Laidlaw College, Christchurch, New Zealand. Also Director of Faith at Work (NZ)

Creating an Atmosphere to Hear God Speak

Author : Robby Gallaty
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Living Spiritual Praxis

Author : Eric J. Kyle
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Christian ministers working in congregations and with nonprofits seek to discern what it is that God has been doing and where it is that the "Spirit" might be leading them. In Living Spiritual Praxis Eric Kyle looks to address the lack of resources on the work and dynamics of Christian spiritual formation that actually develop a specific process for spiritual formation programs. Kyle strives to provide a guide for spiritual formation by using the "praxis-oriented" fields of action research and practical theology. He explores a process for understanding the nature and dynamics of a situation, discerning specific formative interventions, assessing various approaches, and continually assessing and modifying these understandings and approaches. Living Spiritual Praxis will be an invaluable resource for all Christians, leaders and laity alike, who are challenged by the spiritual formation of church members, communities, groups, and individuals.

The Message of Discipleship

Author : Peter Morden
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Soon after Jesus began his public ministry, he called his first ‘disciples’. He would teach and train them and then, after his death and resurrection, commission and empower them to go to the nations to make more ‘followers’. The risen Jesus is still calling and sending people today. If we heed his call, the result can be just as transformative and as exciting as it was for the first disciples. While there are no explicit occurrences of the term ‘disciple’ outside the Gospels and Acts, with only two further biblical references to ‘followers’ of Jesus, it is Peter Morden’s conviction that we need the entire Bible if we are going to be whole-life disciples. He reflects on Scripture and asks the primary question, ‘How do we live as committed disciples of Jesus today?’ He explores the foundations, resources and practice of discipleship in a range of Old and New Testament texts. The result is a well-rounded and satisfying picture of Christian discipleship, one that is wonderfully attractive as well as deeply challenging.

Discipleship in Education

Author : Joseph Allotta
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Students are often tested to evaluate their academic knowledge, but few Christian schools use objective measures to determine if a student has become a true disciple of Christ. Unfortunately, there are few organizations that provide metrics for measuring biblical knowledge, let alone any sort of comparative evaluation of students engaging in the Christian disciplines, forming a biblical worldview, or actually being impacted spiritually by the programs of the school. No matter whose statistics one chooses to believe, the inescapable truth is that the church is losing its young men and women at an alarming rate once they graduate from high school. The solution to this problem is simple, but increasingly difficult to solve with each passing year. Discipleship is what is needed for young people to truly identify who they are in Christ, so that they can begin to develop godly habits and ultimately grow in their knowledge, faith, and desire to serve the Lord and his Kingdom. Christian schools have some particular advantages in the area of discipleship; however, their full potential is, at the moment, untapped. Discipleship in Education is about preparing everyone from administrators, teachers, pastors, and parents to be ready to unleash that potential.

Biblical Discipleship Essential Components for Attaining Spiritual Maturity

Author : Dr. Todd M. Fink
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Today, we have many ways of defining success in life. Some define it as being a sports hero, others as being wealthy, others as being popular and well liked, and still others as being happy. How does God define success? He defines it as being spiritually mature! How do we become spiritually mature? There’s only one way, and it’s called discipleship. However, statistics show that discipleship is in a state of crisis today. Many Christians are not growing in Christ and are stuck in the process of reaching spiritual maturity. A Barna study reveals that almost nine out of ten senior pastors of Protestant churches assert that spiritual immaturity is one of the most serious issues facing the church. Sadly, what discipleship meant in the time of Christ and what it means today is vastly different. Moreover, the importance Christ and the Apostles gave to discipleship is also stunningly different than the importance many Christians and churches today give it. Unlike the disciples who had much of Scripture memorized, a whopping 81% of Christians today don’t read their Bibles regularly. Unlike Christ’s disciples who were “Fishers of Men,” 61% of believers today have not shared their faith in the past six months. And sadly, unlike Christ and the Apostles who made discipleship the central focus of their ministries, 81% of pastors today have no regular discipleship programs in their churches. Discipleship is being neglected today, and the consequences are crippling many Christians and churches. This book hopes to change that! Chapter 1 focuses on the state of discipleship today and exposes the sad truth that it’s in crisis mode. Chapter 2 reveals 13 key factors contributing to the lack of discipleship today. Chapter 3 defines biblical discipleship based on central phrases Christ used in His ministry. Chapter 4 brings to light 14 essential components of the discipleship-making process that must be understood and practiced in order to attain spiritual maturity. Chapter 5 provides practical, “how-to” help for growing in Christ. It includes self-assessment tests for measuring your level of spiritual maturity in each essential component of discipleship and gives hands-on, useful ideas for taking steps toward spiritual maturity. Discipleship is a command for all believers and is our highest calling. This book provides biblical help for fulfilling this calling and seeks to discover what God says about genuine growth in Christ. It’s both an informative book and a “how-to” book. It deals with the barriers that are hindering discipleship, and offers practical help for overcoming these barriers and attaining spiritual maturity. So, are you ready to grow? Would you like to be pleasing to God? Would you like to fulfill the reason for which you’ve been created? Would you like the full blessings of God in your life? Would you like to become spiritually mature? Would you like to hear Christ’s words, “Well done, good and faithful servant,” when you arrive in heaven? If so, this book is for you.

Following Jesus Christ

Author : John K. Goodrich
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A Comprehensive Guide to Discipleship in the New Testament and Today's World Although the concept of discipleship is an integral part of New Testament teaching, it has largely faded from discussion in both the academy and the local church. To revive and reclaim this teaching for believers in the twenty-first century, editors John Goodrich and Mark Strauss have assembled an expert team of scholars to uncover what every New Testament book teaches about discipleship, providing a comprehensive, biblical picture. In addition, other contributors explore discipleship in the context of the local church, spiritual formation, and the life of the mind. Together, these essays point the way forward for becoming more like Jesus Christ, and helping others do the same, in our personal and corporate lives. "An impressive roster of scholars who have addressed a vital but often neglected topic in both the church and in the academy. . . . Rich with insight, Following Jesus Christ represents a major advance in this essential area of study." --Craig A. Evans, Houston Baptist University "We are treated here to a survey of what discipleship means in the New Testament from experts in the field, and we also see some of the wider dimensions of discipleship in this important work. All those wanting to understand discipleship will find this to be a valuable resource." --Thomas R. Schreiner, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

An Examination of the Theme of Discipleship in The Seven Churches of Revelation

Author : Steve L. Roy
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“Go and make disciples.” Our command is clear; our mission is given. But what exactly is a disciple and what does discipleship really mean? In An Examination of the Theme of Discipleship in the Seven Churches of Revelation, Dr. Steve Roy takes the reader to the book of Revelation and to the specific letters from Jesus Christ himself. These letters help the reader to discover dramatically important conclusions as to what discipleship is and what it means to be a disciple. Through each of the letters to the seven churches, Jesus follows a particular pattern of discipleship and applies it to the specific churches in western Asia Minor. These patterns and instructions are just as relevant for us today as they were when John the Revelator sent them. This book is written for the person who wants to take discipleship seriously and for the pastor who stands before his congregation weekly with the purpose of making disciples.