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Author : Bodleian Library
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A delightful translation of one of the finest, and most beautiful, examples of a medieval Bestiary.

Chaucer and the Imagery of Narrative

Author : V. A. Kolve
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The Boundaries of the Human in Medieval English Literature

Author : Dorothy Yamamoto
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Animals and wild men are everywhere in medieval culture, but their role in illuminating medieval constructions of humanity has rarely been explored. Dorothy Yamamoto examines medieval thinking on animals based upon a wide range of writings.

Book of Beasts

Author : Elizabeth Morrison
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A celebration of the visual contributions of the bestiary--one of the most popular types of illuminated books during the Middle Ages--and an exploration of its lasting legacy. Brimming with lively animals both real and fantastic, the bestiary was one of the great illuminated manuscript traditions of the Middle Ages. Encompassing imaginary creatures such as the unicorn, siren, and griffin; exotic beasts including the tiger, elephant, and ape; as well as animals native to Europe like the beaver, dog, and hedgehog, the bestiary is a vibrant testimony to the medieval understanding of animals and their role in the world. So iconic were the stories and images of the bestiary that its beasts essentially escaped from the pages, appearing in a wide variety of manuscripts and other objects, including tapestries, ivories, metalwork, and sculpture. With over 270 color illustrations and contributions by twenty-five leading scholars, this gorgeous volume explores the bestiary and its widespread influence on medieval art and culture as well as on modern and contemporary artists like Pablo Picasso and Damien Hirst. Published to accompany an exhibition on view at the J. Paul Getty Museum at the Getty Center May 14 to August 18, 2019.

A Sporting Lexicon of the Fifteenth Century The J B Treatise 2nd revised edition

Author : David Scott-Macnab
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The J.B. Treatise is a collection of lore and information from the later fifteenth century on a range of topics considered essential learning for anyone aspiring to the English gentry. It has hitherto been known principally by way of an eclectic medley of filler material in the printed Boke of St Albans (1486), but survives in numerous variant forms in twenty-two, mostly unrelated, manuscripts. The treatise’s foremost concerns are hawking and hunting, but it differs from other contemporary treatises on these sports by concentrating on terminology rather than praxis. Much of its information is presented in the form of lists of terms, suggesting that it served mainly as a lexical primer rather than a manual of practical instruction. This study – which includes four major variant texts, explanatory notes, a glossary and complete collations of the ‘J.B.’ lists of collective nouns and carving terms – is the first comprehensive survey of all known versions of the J.B. Treatise, whose contents will be of interest to English medievalists in a range of disciplines, including history, literature and linguistics. This second edition of the J.B. Treatise includes comprehensive updates to the introduction, notes, and glossary to account for new scholarship, including numerous emendations to the OED prompted by lexical evidence presented in the first edition (2003). It also incorporates a revised bibliography and references to new editions of medieval texts.

Medieval Iconography

Author : John B. Friedman
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First published in 1998, the present volume aims to help the researcher locate visual motifs, whether in medieval art or in literature, and to understand how they function in yet other medieval literary or artistic works.

Courting the Alhambra

Author : Cynthia Robinson
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Bringing together the critical tools of art history, literature and historiography, this collections offers a series of new approaches to the study of the painted ceilings in the Hall of Justice of the Alhambra.

A Brief History of Life in the Middle Ages

Author : Martyn Whittock
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Using wide-ranging evidence, Martyn Whittock shines a light on Britain in the Middle Ages, bringing it vividly to life in this fascinating new portrait that brings together the everyday and the extraordinary. Thus we glimpse 11th-century rural society through a conversation between a ploughman and his master. The life of Dick Whittington illuminates the rise of the urban elite. The stories of Roger 'the Raker' who drowned in his own sewage, a 'merman' imprisoned in Orford Castle and the sufferings of the Jews of Bristol reveal the extraordinary diversity of medieval society. Through these characters and events - and using the latest discoveries and research - the dynamic and engaging panorama of medieval England is revealed.

Introducing the Medieval Ass

Author : Kathryn L. Smithies
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Introducing the Medieval Ass presents a lucid, accessible, and comprehensive picture of the ass’s enormous socio-economic and cultural significance in the Middle Ages and beyond. In the Middle Ages, the ass became synonymous with human idiocy, a comic figure representing foolish peasants, students too dull to learn, and their asinine teachers. This trope of foolishness was so prevalent that by the eighteenth century the word ‘ass’ had been replaced by ‘donkey’. Economically, the medieval ass was a vital, utilitarian beast of burden, rather like today’s ubiquitous white van; culturally, however, the medieval ass enjoyed a rich, paradoxical reputation. Its hard work was praised, but its obstinacy condemned. It exemplified the good Christian, humbly bearing Christ to Jerusalem, but also represented Sloth, a mortal sin. Its potent sexual reputation – one literary ass had sex with a woman – was simultaneously linked to sterility and, to this day, ‘ass’ and ‘arse’ remain culturally-connected homophones.

Maps of Medieval Thought

Author : Naomi Reed Kline
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Filled with information and lore, mappae mundi present an encyclopaedic panorama of the conceptual "landscape" of the middle ages. Previously objects of study for cartographers and geographers, the value of medieval maps to scholars in other fields is now recognised and this book, written from an art historical perspective, illuminates the medieval view of the world represented in a group of maps of c.1300. Naomi Kline's detailed examination of the literary, visual, oral and textual evidence of the Hereford mappa mundi and others like it, such as the Psalter Maps, the '"Sawley Map", and the Ebstorf Map, places them within the larger context of medieval art and intellectual history. The mappa mundi in Hereford cathedral is at the heart of this study: it has more than one thousand texts and images of geographical subjects, monuments, animals, plants, peoples, biblical sites and incidents, legendary material, historical information and much more; distinctions between "real" and "fantastic" are fluid; time and space are telescoped, presenting past, present, and future. Naomi Kline provides, for the first time, a full and detailed analysis of the images and texts of the Hereford map which, thus deciphered, allow comparison with related mappae mundi as well as with other texts and images. NAOMI REED KLINE is Professor of Art History at Plymouth State College.